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New Mexico Geological Society Annual Spring Meeting
Macey Center, New Mexico Tech campus, Socorro, NM
April 8, 2016

Results ordered by Year and Page (in Abstract Volume)

Diane Agnew, Colin Plank, John Gillespie, Adria Bodour, and Dennis McQuillan p. 7.
Jordan Curtis Anderson, Karl Karlstrom, and Laura Crossey p. 8.
Sumant Avasarala, Abdul Mehdi Ali, Peter Lichtner, Ricardo Gonzales Pinzon, and Jose Cerrato p. 9.
Johanna M Blake, Laura Bexfield, and Jeb Brown p. 10.
Valerie J Blomgren, Laura J Crossey, Karl E Karlstrom, Tobias Fischer, and Hyunwoo Lee p. 11.
Reid Brown, Dan Cadol, and Bonnie Frey p. 12.
Amanda Kaye Cantrell and Spencer Lucas p. 13.
Olivia Raquel Chavez, Tom Lamar Kieft, Bonnie Frey, Dan Cadol, Reid Brown, Anitha Sundararajan, and Thiru Ramaraj p. 14.
Colin Cikoski p. 15.
Sebastian G. Dalman, Amanda K. Cantrell, Thomas L. Suazo, and Spencer G. Lucas p. 16.
Sebastian G. Dalman and Spencer G. Lucas p. 17.
Rafael Andres Delfin and Dr. Jason Ricketts p. 18.
Jeffrey Dobbins, Gary Axen, Steven Cather, and Peter Mozley p. 19.
Rodrigo Frayna Embile, Jr., Ingar Walder, and Jenna Lee Donatelli p. 20.
Matthew Folsom and Shari Kelley p. 21.
William Eldridge Ganter p. 22.
Evan Gragg, Jolante van Wijk, and Robert Balch p. 23.
Tyler A Grambling, Mark E Holland, Karl E Karlstrom, George E Gehrels, and Mark Pecha p. 24.
Tanner K Grulke, Laura Crossey, Valerie Blomgren, Karl Karlstrom, Victor Polyak, and Yemane Asmerom p. 25.
Rose Harris, Paul Reimus, and Mei Ding p. 26.
Kevin Henry, Matthew T. Heizler, and Steve Cather p. 27.
Adrian P. Hunt and Spencer G Lucas p. 28.
Wayne M. Itano and Spencer G. Lucas p. 29.
Eric J Kappus and Spencer G Lucas p. 30.
Eric J Kappus and Paul Galvan p. 31.
Eric J Kappus and Spencer G Lucas p. 32.
Mariah Jan Kelly, Laura Crossey, Rebecca Frus, and Abdulmehdi Ali p. 33.
R Kenny, M D Bachrodt, E A Hedrick, M L Jiang, A J Kirkpatrick, P O Leysens, R L Martinez, J A Mason, K C Poisson, M S Vandervert, and B M Whidden p. 34.
Daniel J. Koning, Giday WoldeGabriel, and David E. Broxton p. 35.
Alan K Kuhn, Edward Loescher, Meghan McDonald, and David Hyndman p. 36.
Joao Lages, Jeffrey Falance, Daniel Grondin, Jennifer Lindline, and Michael Petronis p. 37.
Lewis Land p. 38.
Jenna Lente and Emily Johnson p. 39.
Yitian Li, Ingar F Walder, and Bonnie Frey p. 40.
Asher Jacob Lichtig, Steven E. Jasinski, and Spencer G. Lucas p. 41.
Asher Jacob Lichtig, Steven E. Jasinski, and Spencer G. Lucas p. 42.
Susan F.B. Little, Ingar Walder, and Daniel Cadol p. 43.
Patrick Longmire, David Fellenz, Kim Granzow, Michael Dale, Megan Green, and Stephen Yanicak p. 44.
Spencer G. Lucas, Karl Krainer, and Daniel Vachard p. 45.
Spencer G. Lucas, Amanda K. Cantell, and Thomas L. Suazo p. 46.
Ethan A. Mamer and Stacy Timmons p. 47.
Chris McGibbon, Laura Crossey, and Karl Karlstom p. 48.
Virginia T McLemore p. 49.
Alexandra J Minitrez and Laura J Crossey p. 50.
Sid Pinkerton p. 51.
David M. Rachal, John Taylor-Montoya, Stanely Berryman, and James Bowman p. 52.
Norbert T Rempe p. 53.
Marisa Nicole Repasch, Karl Karlstrom, and Matt Heizler p. 54.
John Ridley p. 55.
Alex J. Rinehart, Ethan Mamer, Brigitte Felix, and Trevor Kludt p. 56.