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New Mexico Geological Society Annual Spring Meeting
Macey Center, New Mexico Tech campus, Socorro, NM
April 8, 2016

Results ordered by Year and Page (in Abstract Volume)

Influence of Depositional Environment on Dissolved-Phase Plume Migration at the Kirtland Air Force Base Bulk Fuels Facility Leak Site
Diane Agnew, Colin Plank, John Gillespie, Adria Bodour, and Dennis McQuillan p. 7.
Testing a Marine Signature for the Neoproterozoic Chuar Group of Grand Canyon Using Sr Isotopic Data
Jordan Curtis Anderson, Karl Karlstrom, and Laura Crossey p. 8.
Effect of Intermittent Flow on the Mobility of Metals from Abandoned Uranium Mine Waste Sites on Native American Land.
Sumant Avasarala, Abdul Mehdi Ali, Peter Lichtner, Ricardo Gonzales Pinzon, and Jose Cerrato p. 9.
Surface-Water Quality in Northwestern New Mexico after the Gold King Mine Release
Johanna M Blake, Laura Bexfield, and Jeb Brown p. 10.
Influence of the Valles Caldera in Supplying Geothermal Chemical Components to Springs in Northern New Mexico
Valerie J Blomgren, Laura J Crossey, Karl E Karlstrom, Tobias Fischer, and Hyunwoo Lee p. 11.
Aeolian Transport of Dust-Borne Uranium
Reid Brown, Dan Cadol, and Bonnie Frey p. 12.
Type Specimens of Fossil Vertebrates in the New Mexico Museum of Natural History and Science Paleontology Collection
Amanda Kaye Cantrell and Spencer Lucas p. 13.
Microbiology of a Reclaimed Uranium Mine, Laguna Pueblo, New Mexico
Olivia Raquel Chavez, Tom Lamar Kieft, Bonnie Frey, Dan Cadol, Reid Brown, Anitha Sundararajan, and Thiru Ramaraj p. 14.
Preliminary observations of the Plio-Pleistocene development of the southern Engle basin of the Rio Grande rift
Colin Cikoski p. 15.
First Record of a Tyrannosaurid Theropod (dinosauria) From the Lower Campanian Menefee Formation, New Mexico
Sebastian G. Dalman, Amanda K. Cantrell, Thomas L. Suazo, and Spencer G. Lucas p. 16.
Frederic Brewster Loomis' 1924 Amherst College Paleontological Expedition to the San Juan Basin, New Mexico
Sebastian G. Dalman and Spencer G. Lucas p. 17.
Constraints on the Timing of Extension in the Franklin Mountains From Apatite (U-Th)/He Thermochronology, El Paso, Texas
Rafael Andres Delfin and Dr. Jason Ricketts p. 18.
Structural Analysis of Spectacular Late Eocene Soft-Sediment Deformation in the Lower Spears Group, Sawtooth Mountains, Western New Mexico
Jeffrey Dobbins, Gary Axen, Steven Cather, and Peter Mozley p. 19.
Near-shore tailings deposition in Ballangen Fjord, Norway: A look into Ni and other toxic element release rate in a shallow sea environment and its potential for Ni recovery
Rodrigo Frayna Embile, Jr., Ingar Walder, and Jenna Lee Donatelli p. 20.
Preliminary analysis of surface rebound recorded by InSAR and temporal variations in subsurface temperatures recorded at the Buckman well field, Santa Fe County, New Mexico
Matthew Folsom and Shari Kelley p. 21.
Detecting Pennsylvanian Millennial-Scale Climate Changes Using Pollen Analysis of Marine Limestone-Shale Rhythmites
William Eldridge Ganter p. 22.
Petroleum System Modeling in the Western Anadarko Basin: Implications for Carbon Storage
Evan Gragg, Jolante van Wijk, and Robert Balch p. 23.
A Geochronologic View of the Yavapai-Mazatzal Transition Zone: Paired Zircon U-Pb/Hf Isotope Evidence for the Presence of Crustal Mixing and Distinct Hf Isotope Domains in Central New Mexico
Tyler A Grambling, Mark E Holland, Karl E Karlstrom, George E Gehrels, and Mark Pecha p. 24.
Using Multiple Geochemical Tracers to Examine Potential Low Temperature Geothermal Reservoirs in New Mexico
Tanner K Grulke, Laura Crossey, Valerie Blomgren, Karl Karlstrom, Victor Polyak, and Yemane Asmerom p. 25.
Hydraulic Conductivity Estimates from Particle Size Distributions of Sediments from Los Alamos Chromium Plume
Rose Harris, Paul Reimus, and Mei Ding p. 26.
40Ar/39Ar dating of the Ogallala Formation of the Llano Estacado, Southeastern New Mexico.
Kevin Henry, Matthew T. Heizler, and Steve Cather p. 27.
Diverse Vertebrate Coprolite Locality From the Upper Pennsylvanian of Central New Mexico Provides Data on the Temporal Distribution and Ecological Context of the Shark Surplus Paradox
Adrian P. Hunt and Spencer G Lucas p. 28.
Campyloprion (Chondrichthyes, Edestoidea) From the Upper Pennsylvanian of Socorro County, New Mexico
Wayne M. Itano and Spencer G. Lucas p. 29.
A new Ichnospecies of Cardioichnus from the Cretaceous (Albian) of New Mexico
Eric J Kappus and Spencer G Lucas p. 30.
A Pedagogy for the Cerro de Cristo Rey Dinosaur Tracksite: Hiking trails, Self-guided Tours, and Virtual Visits
Eric J Kappus and Paul Galvan p. 31.
Ichnology of the Cretaceous (albian) Mesilla Valley Formation, Cerro De Cristo Rey, Southern Nm
Eric J Kappus and Spencer G Lucas p. 32.
Geochemistry of Sinkholes in the Santa Rosa, NM Area
Mariah Jan Kelly, Laura Crossey, Rebecca Frus, and Abdulmehdi Ali p. 33.
The Animas River Toxic Spill: Using Current Events to Teach Geology, Geochemistry, and Presentation Skills to Undergraduate Geology Majors at Fort Lewis College, Durango, Co.
R Kenny, M D Bachrodt, E A Hedrick, M L Jiang, A J Kirkpatrick, P O Leysens, R L Martinez, J A Mason, K C Poisson, M S Vandervert, and B M Whidden p. 34.
Stratigraphy and Age Control Bracketing the Early Development of the Paleo-Rio Chama
Daniel J. Koning, Giday WoldeGabriel, and David E. Broxton p. 35.
The Allison Mine Sinkhole – Causes, Consequences, and Corrective Actions
Alan K Kuhn, Edward Loescher, Meghan McDonald, and David Hyndman p. 36.
The Cerro Colorado Cinder Cone, Cerros Del Rio Volcanic Field: A Study of Melt Evolution and Plumbing System Dynamics
Joao Lages, Jeffrey Falance, Daniel Grondin, Jennifer Lindline, and Michael Petronis p. 37.
Sinkholes as Transportation and Infrastructure Geohazards in Southeastern New Mexico
Lewis Land p. 38.
Volatile Contents and Pre-Eruptive Conditions of Rhyolitic Magmas From the Organ Caldera, Southern NM
Jenna Lente and Emily Johnson p. 39.
Evaluation of Leaching Tests on Uranium Bearing Waste Rocks From Grants Mineral District, New Mexico
Yitian Li, Ingar F Walder, and Bonnie Frey p. 40.
Hoplochelys, a dermatemydid turtle from the Paleocene of New Mexico
Asher Jacob Lichtig, Steven E. Jasinski, and Spencer G. Lucas p. 41.
A New Species of Neurankylus from the Paleocene of New Mexico
Asher Jacob Lichtig, Steven E. Jasinski, and Spencer G. Lucas p. 42.
On the Development of a Retroactive Water Balance Derived From Historical Water Quality and Flow Data, Malmberget/vitåfors Iron Mine, Norrbotten County, Sweden
Susan F.B. Little, Ingar Walder, and Daniel Cadol p. 43.
Presence of Pharmaceuticals in Groundwater and Surface Water, Los Alamos, New Mexico
Patrick Longmire, David Fellenz, Kim Granzow, Michael Dale, Megan Green, and Stephen Yanicak p. 44.
Age and Correlation of the Lower Permian Abo Formation and Yeso Group, Central and Southern New Mexico
Spencer G. Lucas, Karl Krainer, and Daniel Vachard p. 45.
Tetrapod Footprints from the Lower Permian Abo Formation near Jemez Springs, Sandoval County, New Mexico
Spencer G. Lucas, Amanda K. Cantell, and Thomas L. Suazo p. 46.
Examination of the Animas River Alluvial Aquifer Hydraulics after the GKM spill
Ethan A. Mamer and Stacy Timmons p. 47.
Carbonic springs as distal manifestations of the Jemez geothermal system, San Ysidro, New Mexico, highlighting the importance of fault pathways and hydrochemical mixing.
Chris McGibbon, Laura Crossey, and Karl Karlstom p. 48.
What Have We Learned From Mine Accidents and Failures in New Mexico?
Virginia T McLemore p. 49.
Characteristics of Groundwater near the Tijeras Fault Complex
Alexandra J Minitrez and Laura J Crossey p. 50.
The Great Plains Province; insights into mantle processes from the Raton-Clayton Volcanic Field
Sid Pinkerton p. 51.
geoarchaeological Significance of a Younger Dryas Aged Black Mat, Tularosa Basin, Southern New Mexico
David M. Rachal, John Taylor-Montoya, Stanely Berryman, and James Bowman p. 52.
Geologists Must Repossess Geologic Repositories
Norbert T Rempe p. 53.
Unraveling the 5 Ma birth and young evolution of the Rio Grande fluvial system
Marisa Nicole Repasch, Karl Karlstrom, and Matt Heizler p. 54.
Will the Environmental Legacy of Historic Mining in the Mountain West Ever Be Behind Us? Lessons From the Animas River Spill
John Ridley p. 55.
Preliminary groundwater storage changes from 1950s to present in New Mexico alluvial aquifers using a semi-automated workflow
Alex J. Rinehart, Ethan Mamer, Brigitte Felix, and Trevor Kludt p. 56.