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New Mexico Geological Society Annual Spring Meeting
Macey Center, New Mexico Tech campus, Socorro, NM
April 7, 2017

Results ordered by Year and Page (in Abstract Volume)

The Fusulind Eowaeringella and the Desmoinesian-Missourian Boundary in Central New Mexico: Reexamination of the Gotera Canyon Section, Northern Manzano Mountains
Bruce D. Allen and Spencer G. Lucas p. 12.
The “Box Canyon tuff” and its Relationship to the Schoolhouse Mountain Caldera, Mogollon-Datil Volcanic Field, Southwest New Mexico
Jeffrey M. Amato, Vanessa M. Swenton, William C. McIntosh, and Tara N. Jonell p. 13.
The Characterization of Abandoned Uranium Mines in New Mexico
John Asafo-Akowuah and Virginia T. McLemore p. 14.
Major Elements, Trace Elements, and Sr, Nd, and Pb Isotopes of Whole Rocks From the Doña Ana Mountains: Identifying Potential Connections Between Caldera-Related Igneous Rocks in South-Central New Mexico
Tyler J. Askin, Frank C. Ramos, and Peter J. Stevens p. 15.
The Recent Alpine High Oil and Gas Field Discovery, West Texas
Anthony L Benson p. 16.
Uranium Industry: Overview
Bernard Bonifas p. 17.
The Upper Mancos Shale in the San Juan Basin: Three Oil and Gas Plays, Conventional and Unconventional
Ronald F. Broadhead p. 18.
Uranium Concentrations in Dust Flux Across the Jackpile Mine Superfund Site
Reid D. Brown, Dan Cadol, and Bonnie Frey p. 19.
Paragenesis of Uranium Minerals in the Grants Mineral Belt, New Mexico: Applied Geochemistry and the Development of Oxidized Uranium Mineralization
Samantha Caldwell and William X. Chavez, Jr. p. 20.
Lithofacies Analysis of the Sierra Ladrones Formation Near the Sevilleta National Wildlife Refuge Headquarters (southern Albuquerque Basin, New Mexico): Implications for Cliff Fault Movement During the Early Pleistocene
Eda Celep, Daniel J. Koning, and David W. Love p. 21.
Sedimentology, Stratigraphy, and Geochronology From Early(?)–Middle Eocene, Post-Laramide Volcanic and Volcaniclastic Strata of the Palm Park Formation in South-Central New Mexico
Ryan H. Creitz, Brian A. Hampton, Greg H. Mack, and Jeffrey M. Amato p. 22.
A New Chasmosaurine Ceratopsid From the Hall Lake Member of the Mcrae Formation (maastrichtian), South-Central New Mexico
Sebastian G. Dalman and Spencer G. Lucas p. 23.
New Evidence for Cannibalism in Tyrannosaurid Dinosaurs From the Late Cretaceous of New Mexico
Sebastian G. Dalman and Spencer G. Lucas p. 24.
What Lies Beneath the Dunes? Gravity Measurements to Characterize Sub-Surface Density Structure and Understand Controls on Dune Migration in White Sands National Monument, New Mexico
Ryan Dunagin, M. Roy, Shari Kelley, L. Worthington, and J. Butts p. 25.
Forsterite and Pyrrhotite Dissolution Rates from Kinetic Testing using Mine Tailings: Results from Geochemical Modelling
Rodrigo Frayna Embile, Jr. and Ingar Walder p. 26.
Change in Provenance of Proterozoic Metasedimentary Rocks in the Picuris Mountains Based on Laser-Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy (libs) of Detrital Tourmaline
Shoshauna Farnsworth-Pinkerton, Nancy J. McMillan, Barbara L. Dutrow, and Darrell J. Henry p. 27.
Water-Depth-Based Differences in Ammonoid Assemblages From the Upper Cretaceous (turonian) Blue Hill Member of the Carlile Shale, North-Central New Mexico
Michael P. Foley and Spencer G. Lucas p. 28.
3D Inverse Models of Magnetotelluric Data in the Central Rio Grande Rift Illuminate Rift Basin Geometry and Possible Interactions Between Deep Brines and Surface Waters
Matthew Folsom, Jeff Pepin, Jared Peacock, Mark Person, Shari Kelley, and David Love p. 29.
Functional Change in Molluscan Diversity Dynamics Observed Across OAE2
Nicholas Freymueller and Corinne Myers p. 30.
Why I Remain a Uranium Bull
Michael S. (Mickey) Fulp p. 31.
Coming Soon – Geologic Map of the Mount Taylor Volcano Area, New Mexico: Centerpiece for the 2020 Fall Field Conference
Fraser Goff, Shari A. Kelley, David J. McCraw, Cathy J. Goff, Bonnie A. Frey, Kate Zeigler, and Virginia T. McLemore p. 32.
Provenance Trends From Upper Cretaceous Nonmarine Strata in Southern New Mexico: Implications for Drainage Evolution and Sediment Dispersal Along the Southwestern Margin of the Western Interior Seaway
Brian A. Hampton, Greg H. Mack, and Cody J. Stopka p. 33.
Correlation of Ash Flow Tuffs From the Mogollon-Datil Volcanic Field in Southwestern New Mexico Using Laser-Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy (libs): an Analysis of Sanidine Phenocrysts
Trenton L Haskell and Nancy J McMillan p. 34.
Detrital Sanidine 40Ar/39Ar Dating: Transforming Sedimentary Rock Geochronology
Matthew T. Heizler, Karl Karlstrom, Matthew Zimmerer, Jake Ross, Laura Crossey, and William McIntosh p. 35.
40Ar/ 39Ar Detrital Sanidine Dating of the Ogallala Formation in Southeastern New Mexico and West Texas
Kevin Henry, Matthew T. Heizler, and Steve T. Cather p. 36.
The Paleoproterozoic Mazatzal Province of Southern New Mexico: Insight from Detailed Field Mapping and Isotope Geochemistry
Colby Howland and Jeff M. Amato p. 37.
Distinguishing Calcite With and Without Biomarkers Using Laser-Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy (LIBS), Guadalupe Mountains, New Mexico
Brent A. Jackson and Nancy J. McMillan p. 38.
Microbially Induced Sedimentary Structures of the Mesoproterozoic Lanoria Formation, Franklin Mountains, El Paso County, Texas
Eric J. Kappus, Spencer G. Lucas, and Matthew R. Stimson p. 39.
Geothermal Potential of the Southern San Luis Basin, Taos County, New Mexico
Shari Kelley and Jeff D. Pepin p. 40.
Reactivation of the Mt. Taylor Mine – Obstacles and Opportunities
Alan K. Kuhn p. 41.
Fossil Turtles of the Upper Cretaceous Mcrae Formation, Sierra County, New Mexico
Asher Jacob Lichtig and Spencer G Lucas p. 42.
Phylogeny of the Enigmatic Eocene Testudinoid Turtle echmatemys and the Origin of the Testudinidae
Asher Jacob Lichtig and Spencer G Lucas p. 43.
Environmental Aqueous Geochemistry of Uranium in Aquifer Systems, Pajarito Plateau, New Mexico
Patrick Longmire, Kim Granzow, Stephen Yanicak, David Fellenz, Michael Dale, Megan Green, and Antonio Trujillo p. 44.
Geochemical Processes Controlling Transport and Deposition of Uranium, Española Basin, New Mexico
Patrick Longmire, Virginia T. McLemore, Dennis McQuillan, Stephen Yanicak, and David Vaniman p. 45.
Implications of Past Extents of Rio Salado and Rio Puerco Deposits in the Southwestern Corner of the Albuquerque Basin, New Mexico
David W. Love, Alex Rinehart, Richard Chamberlin, Eda Celep, and Dan Koning p. 46.
Stratigraphy and Age of the Dinosaur-Dominated Fossil Assemblage of the Upper Cretaceous Hall Lake Member of the Mcrae Formation, Sierra County, New Mexico
Spencer G. Lucas, Sebastian Dalman, Asher J. Lichtig, Scott Elrick, W. John Nelson, and Karl Krainer p. 47.
The Cretaceous Section at Placitas, Sandoval County, New Mexico
Spencer G. Lucas and John B. Rogers p. 48.
The Paleozoic Section at Bell Hill, Socorro County, New Mexico
Spencer G. Lucas, Bruce Allen, Karl Krainer, and James E. Barrick p. 49.
The Evolution of Uranium Mineralization in New Mexico
Virgil W. Lueth and Kelsey McNamara p. 50.
Phyllic Alteration in the Copper Flat Porphyry Copper Deposit, Sierra County, New Mexico
Kierran Maher and Chaneil Wallace p. 51.
The Demise of the Cuatrociénegas Gypsum Dune Field, and What It Means for the White Sands National Monument
Ethan A. Mamer and B. Talon Newton p. 52.
A Possible New Species of Dimetrodon (Eupelycosauria: Sphenacodontidae) from the Lower Permian Abo Formation, Socorro County, New Mexico
Kenneth L. McKeighen, Kendra R. McKeighen, Henry W. McKeighen, and Spencer G. Lucas p. 53.
Uranium Resource Potential in New Mexico
Virginia T. McLemore and John Asafo-Akowuah p. 55.
Uranium Resources in New Mexico in 2017
Virginia T. McLemore p. 54.
A Hydrogeochemical Analysis and Recharge Evaluation of Cienega Spring Located in the Sandia Mountains, New Mexico
Alexandra J Minitrez, Laura J Crossey, and Christopher McGibbon p. 56.
Sequential Chemical Extraction as a Method to Determine Uranium Mineral Leachability and Speciation
Alexandra Rose Pearce, Ingar F Walder, Bonnie Frey, and Virgil W Lueth p. 57.
The Raton-Clayton Volcanic Field: Evaluating Open-System Processes in Magmas Derived Beneath the Great Plains
Sid Pinkerton, Frank C. Ramos, and Matthew Zimmerer p. 58.
Late Triassic Metoposaurid Amphibian Skull Allometry: Comparison of the Lamy, New Mexico, Population to Four Other Populations
Larry F. Rinehart and Spencer G. Lucas p. 59.
Legacy Molybdenum Mine Tailings in the Context of the Questa Caldera: Challenges in Distinguishing Anthropogenic From Background Water Types
Kylian Nathiel Robinson p. 60.
40Ar/39Ar Geochronology of Magmatism and Alteration in the Gallinas Mountains With Implications for Rare Earth Mineralization
Alanna Robison, William McIntosh, and Virgil W. Lueth p. 61.