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Fall Field Conference Guidebook - 34
Socorro Region II


Charles E. Chapin and Jonathan F. Callender, eds, 1983, 344 pages.

The 1983 New Mexico Geological Society field conference returns to the Socorro area after a lapse of 20 years (Guidebook 14). One of the advantages of returning to the site of a former field conference is the perspective gained on trends and progress in the geological sciences during the intervening years. We think you will be impressed with the enormous growth in knowledge of the geology of the Socorro area during the past 20 years. Socorro is located at a four-way intersection of the Rio Grande rift, Colorado Plateau, High Plains, and Mogollon-Datil volcanic field. The 41 papers and 11 mini-papers contributed to the guidebook reflect this diversity, as do the road logs. Of particular interest are several historical papers, both in the main body of the guidebook and in the road logs, that present previously unpublished data on past events in the Socorro area.

The first-day road log is from Socorro to Mesa del Yeso, Joyita Hills, Johnson Hill, Cerros de Amado, Lomas de las Canas, Jornada del Muerto, Carthage, and return to Socorro. This tour emphasizes: (1) enigmatic low-angle faulting, perhaps of more than one age and of both compressional and extensional origins; (2) upper Paleozoic and Cretaceous stratigraphy; and (3) upper Cenozoic geomorphic features and deposits of the Rio Grande rift.

The second-day road log is from Socorro to Lemitar Mountains, La Jencia Basin, Baca Canyon, Riley, Jeter Mine, and San Lorenzo Canyon. This tour of Rio Grande rift and Colorado Plateau terrain NW and N of Socorro emphasizes: (1) structural style of severely extended crust; (2) nature of the boundary between strongly extended crust and the Colorado Plateau; (3) a valley calcrete deposit along Rio Salado; (4) lacustrine delta deposits in Baca Formation (Eocene); (5) structural interpretations of low-angle Jeter fault; (6) uranium mineralization in Riley area and at Jeter Mine, and (7) bolson deposits of the early rift Popotosa Formation.

The third-day road log is from Socorro to San Antonio, Nogal Canyon, Chupadera Mountains, Luis Lopez Manganeses district, and the MCA Mine. This tour of the Chupadera Mountains south of Socorro provides a revealing cross section of stratigraphic and structural relationships within the Socorro cauldron (synonyms are caldera or volcanic-collapse basin).

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Table of Contents:

Papers from this guidebook are available for free download (requires Acrobat Reader). Road logs, mini-papers, maps, and other selected sections of this guidebook are only available in print.

  1. First day road log from Socorro to Mesa del Yeso, Joyita Hills, Johnson Hill, Cerros de Amado, Lomas de Las Canas, Jornada del Muerto, Carthage and return to Socorro (print only)
    — Clay T. Smith, G. R. Osburn, C. E. Chapin, J. W. Hawley, J. C. Osburn, O. J. Anderson, S. D. Rosen, T. L. Eggleston, and S. M. Cather, pp. 1-28.
  2. Mini-papers: (print only)

    Mode of extension of continental crust
    — Warren Hamilton, pp. 9.
  3. Geomorphic evolution of Socorro area of Rio Grande valley
    — John W. Hawley, pp. 13.
  4. Paleocurrent analysis of the Abo Formation, Cerros de Amado area
    — James A. Cappa and John R. MacMillan, pp. 15-16.
  5. Arroyo-fill facies of Baca Formation
    — Steven M. Cather, pp. 27.
  6. Second day road log from Socorro to Lemitar Mountains, La Jencia Basin, Baca Canyon, Riley, Jeter mine, and San Lorenzo Canyon, Socorro County, New Mexico (print only)
    — Richard M. Chamberlin, G. R. Osburn, C. E. Chapin, M. N. Machette, J. M. Barker, J. W. Hawley, S. M. Cather, J. C. Osburn, and O. J. Anderson, pp. 29-59.
  7. Mini-papers: (print only)

    Riley uranium occurrence
    — Don C. Sargent, pp. 42.
  8. Abrupt changes in the Gallup Sandstone (Cretaceous) across the Puertecito fault system in northwest Socorro County, New Mexico
    — Steven J. Johansen, pp. 45-46.
  9. Effects of uplift on the Rio Grande over the Socorro magma body, New Mexico
    — Shunji Ouchi, pp. 54-56.
  10. Third day road log from Socorro to San Antonio, Nogal Canyon, Chupadera Mountains, Luis Lopez manganese district and the MCA mine (print only)
    — Ted L. Eggleston, Glenn R. Osburn, and Charles E. Chapin, pp. 61-81.
  11. Mini-papers: (print only)

    Ash-flow tuffs, ignimbrites, cauldrons, and calderas
    — Glenn R. Osburn, pp. 66-67.
  12. The Socorro K2O anomaly--A fossil geothermal system in the Rio Grande rift
    — Julie F. D'Andrea-Dinkelman, J. Ione Lindley, C. E. Chapin, and G. R. Osburn, pp. 76-77.
  13. Papers:

    The refounding of Socorro (2.08 MB PDF)
    — Marc Simmons, pp. 83-84.
  14. The Civil War in New Mexico: Tall tales and true (1.53 MB PDF)
    — Spencer Wilson and Robert A. Bieberman, pp. 85-88.
  15. Bouguer gravity anomaly map of the Socorro region
    — G. Randy Keller, pp. 96.
  16. Composite residual total intensity aeromagnetic map of the Socorro region, New Mexico
    — Lindrith Cordell, pp. 97.
  17. Selected tectonic elements of the Socorro region
    — Charles E. Chapin, pp. 97.
  18. Stratigraphic nomenclature chart
    — Glenn R. Osburn and Christina Lochman-Balk, pp. 98.
  19. Recent measurements of crustal deformation related to the Socorro magma body, New Mexico (1.43 MB PDF)
    — Shawn Larsen and Robert Reilinger, pp. 119-121. [ABSTRACT]
  20. Magma bodies in the Rio Grande rift in central New Mexico (1.04 MB PDF)
    — Allan R. Sanford, pp. 123-125. [ABSTRACT]
  21. Seismicity of the Socorro area of the Rio Grande rift (2.05 MB PDF)
    — Allan R. Sanford, Lawrence Jaksha, and Daniel Wieder, pp. 127-131. [ABSTRACT]
  22. Magnetotelluric soundings along the COCORP seismic profile in the central Rio Grande rift (901 KB PDF)
    — Peter S. Mitchell and George R. Jiracek, pp. 133-136. [ABSTRACT]
  23. Geology and U-Pb geochronology of Proterozoic rocks in the vicinity of Socorro, New Mexico (2.64 MB PDF)
    — Samuel A. Bowring, Kent C. Condie, and Ward Sumner, pp. 137-142. [ABSTRACT]
  24. Transposition structures in Precambrian rocks of New Mexico (1.72 MB PDF)
    — Jonathan F. Callender, pp. 143-146. [ABSTRACT]
  25. The Baca Formation and the Eocene-Oligocene boundary in New Mexico (1.39 MB PDF)
    — Spencer G. Lucas, pp. 187-192. [ABSTRACT]
  26. Fossil plants from the early Neogene Socorro flora, central New Mexico (1.63 MB PDF)
    — Herbert W. Meyer, pp. 193-196. [ABSTRACT]
  27. Ash-flow tuffs and cauldrons in the northeast Mogollon-Datil volcanic field--A summary (4.18 MB PDF)
    — Glenn R. Osburn and Charles E. Chapin, pp. 197-204. [ABSTRACT]
  28. Miocene rhyolitic volcanism in the Socorro area of New Mexico (3.78 MB PDF)
    — Danny J. Bobrow, Philip R. Kyle, and Glenn R. Osburn, pp. 211-217. [ABSTRACT]
  29. Petroleum exploration in Socorro County (1.62 MB PDF)
    — Ronald F. Broadhead, pp. 219-222. [ABSTRACT]
  30. Coal resources of Socorro County, New Mexico (1.75 MB PDF)
    — JoAnne C. Osburn, pp. 223-226. [ABSTRACT]
  31. Uranium in the Socorro area, New Mexico (3.50 MB PDF)
    — Virginia T. McLemore, pp. 227-233. [ABSTRACT]
  32. Carbonatites in the Lemitar and Chupadera Mountains, Socorro County, New Mexico (2.72 MB PDF)
    — Virginia T. McLemore, pp. 235-240. [ABSTRACT]
  33. Geology, alteration, and genesis of the Luis Lopez manganese district, New Mexico (2.55 MB PDF)
    — Ted L. Eggleston, David I. Norman, Charles E. Chapin, and Samuel Savin, pp. 241-246. [ABSTRACT]
  34. Mineralization of the Luis Lopez epithermal manganese deposits in light of fluid inclusion and geologic studies (1.87 MB PDF)
    — David I. Norman, Khosrow Bazrafshan, and Ted L. Eggleston, pp. 247-251. [ABSTRACT]
  35. Mississippi Valley-type lead-fluorite-barite deposits of the Hansonburg mining district, New Mexico (2.58 MB PDF)
    — Putnam, Borden R., III, David I. Norman, and Robert W. Smith, pp. 253-260. [ABSTRACT]
  36. Progress report on the late Cenozoic geologic evolution of the lower Rio Puerco (1.92 MB PDF)
    — David W. Love and John D. Young, pp. 277-284. [ABSTRACT]
  37. Pleistocene Lake Trinity, an evaporite basin in the northern Jornada del Muerto, New Mexico (2.89 MB PDF)
    — James T. Neal, Robert E. Smith, and Blair F. Jones, pp. 285-290. [ABSTRACT]
  38. Paleoenvironmental reassessment of the 1.6-million-year-old record from San Agustin Basin, New Mexico (2.04 MB PDF)
    — Vera Markgraf, J. Platt Bradbury, R. M. Forester, W. McCoy, G. Singh, and R. Sternberg, pp. 291-297. [ABSTRACT]
  39. Rock glaciers on the west slope of South Baldy, Magdalena Mountains, Socorro County, New Mexico (1.51 MB PDF)
    — John W. Blagbrough and Brown, H. Gassaway, III, pp. 299-302. [ABSTRACT]
  40. Hydrogeology of the Socorro and La Jencia Basins, Socorro County, New Mexico (3.47 MB PDF)
    — Scott K. Anderholm, pp. 303-310. [ABSTRACT]
  41. Groundwater circulation in the Socorro geothermal area (3.41 MB PDF)
    — Gerado W. Gross and Ralph Wilcox, pp. 311-318. [ABSTRACT]
  42. The Rio Salado at flood (2.24 MB PDF)
    — Alison C. Simcox, pp. 325-327. [ABSTRACT]
  43. Engineering geology of the Socorro area, New Mexico (780 KB PDF)
    — Gary D. Johnpeer and Hamil, Brenton, M., pp. 339-344. [ABSTRACT]

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