Outstanding Student Presentations: 2019 NMGS Spring Meeting

Socorro, NM

The New Mexico Geological Society proudly recognizes 4 outstanding student presentations at the 2019 Spring Meeting.

The winners and titles of their presentations are:

Samantha Bartnik (NMSU) — "U-Pb detrital geochronology and provenance comparisons from nonmarine strata of the Dakota Group, Lytle Sandstone, and Morrison Formation in northeastern New Mexico” (poster)

Michael Chirigos (NMT) — "Spectacular soft sediment deformation in Eocene landslide klippen: single or multi-stage slip history? Sawtooth Mountains, western New Mexico” (talk)

Timothy James (UNM) — "Preparation and description of several cranial elements of the fossil elephant Gomphotherium productum (Proboscidea) from the middle Miocene (late Barstovian) of the Española Basin of northern New Mexico” (poster)

Tyler Sproule (NMT) — "Well testing investigation of faults as complex subsurface flow barriers” (talk)

NMGS will award each student $100 for their winning presentation. Congratulations to Samantha, Michael, Timothy, and Tyler!

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