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New Mexico Geological Society Annual Spring Meeting
Macey Center, New Mexico Tech campus, Socorro, NM
April 7, 2017

Results ordered by Year and Page (in Abstract Volume)

Bruce D. Allen and Spencer G. Lucas p. 12.
Jeffrey M. Amato, Vanessa M. Swenton, William C. McIntosh, and Tara N. Jonell p. 13.
John Asafo-Akowuah and Virginia T. McLemore p. 14.
Tyler J. Askin, Frank C. Ramos, and Peter J. Stevens p. 15.
Anthony L Benson p. 16.
Bernard Bonifas p. 17.
Ronald F. Broadhead p. 18.
Reid D. Brown, Dan Cadol, and Bonnie Frey p. 19.
Samantha Caldwell and William X. Chavez, Jr. p. 20.
Eda Celep, Daniel J. Koning, and David W. Love p. 21.
Ryan H. Creitz, Brian A. Hampton, Greg H. Mack, and Jeffrey M. Amato p. 22.
Sebastian G. Dalman and Spencer G. Lucas p. 23.
Sebastian G. Dalman and Spencer G. Lucas p. 24.
Ryan Dunagin, M. Roy, Shari Kelley, L. Worthington, and J. Butts p. 25.
Rodrigo Frayna Embile, Jr. and Ingar Walder p. 26.
Shoshauna Farnsworth-Pinkerton, Nancy J. McMillan, Barbara L. Dutrow, and Darrell J. Henry p. 27.
Michael P. Foley and Spencer G. Lucas p. 28.
Matthew Folsom, Jeff Pepin, Jared Peacock, Mark Person, Shari Kelley, and David Love p. 29.
Nicholas Freymueller and Corinne Myers p. 30.
Michael S. (Mickey) Fulp p. 31.
Fraser Goff, Shari A. Kelley, David J. McCraw, Cathy J. Goff, Bonnie A. Frey, Kate Zeigler, and Virginia T. McLemore p. 32.
Brian A. Hampton, Greg H. Mack, and Cody J. Stopka p. 33.
Trenton L Haskell and Nancy J McMillan p. 34.
Matthew T. Heizler, Karl Karlstrom, Matthew Zimmerer, Jake Ross, Laura Crossey, and William McIntosh p. 35.
Kevin Henry, Matthew T. Heizler, and Steve T. Cather p. 36.
Colby Howland and Jeff M. Amato p. 37.
Brent A. Jackson and Nancy J. McMillan p. 38.
Eric J. Kappus, Spencer G. Lucas, and Matthew R. Stimson p. 39.
Shari Kelley and Jeff D. Pepin p. 40.
Alan K. Kuhn p. 41.
Asher Jacob Lichtig and Spencer G Lucas p. 42.
Asher Jacob Lichtig and Spencer G Lucas p. 43.
Patrick Longmire, Kim Granzow, Stephen Yanicak, David Fellenz, Michael Dale, Megan Green, and Antonio Trujillo p. 44.
Patrick Longmire, Virginia T. McLemore, Dennis McQuillan, Stephen Yanicak, and David Vaniman p. 45.
David W. Love, Alex Rinehart, Richard Chamberlin, Eda Celep, and Dan Koning p. 46.
Spencer G. Lucas, Sebastian Dalman, Asher J. Lichtig, Scott Elrick, W. John Nelson, and Karl Krainer p. 47.
Spencer G. Lucas and John B. Rogers p. 48.
Spencer G. Lucas, Bruce Allen, Karl Krainer, and James E. Barrick p. 49.
Virgil W. Lueth and Kelsey McNamara p. 50.
Kierran Maher and Chaneil Wallace p. 51.
Ethan A. Mamer and B. Talon Newton p. 52.
Kenneth L. McKeighen, Kendra R. McKeighen, Henry W. McKeighen, and Spencer G. Lucas p. 53.
Virginia T. McLemore and John Asafo-Akowuah p. 55.
Virginia T. McLemore p. 54.
Alexandra J Minitrez, Laura J Crossey, and Christopher McGibbon p. 56.
Alexandra Rose Pearce, Ingar F Walder, Bonnie Frey, and Virgil W Lueth p. 57.
Sid Pinkerton, Frank C. Ramos, and Matthew Zimmerer p. 58.
Larry F. Rinehart and Spencer G. Lucas p. 59.
Kylian Nathiel Robinson p. 60.
Alanna Robison, William McIntosh, and Virgil W. Lueth p. 61.