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New Mexico Geological Society Annual Spring Meeting
Macey Center, New Mexico Tech campus, Socorro, NM
April 12, 2019

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Libby Kahler, Meghan Bell, Andrew Roberston, and Jeffrey Kennedy
Spencer G. Lucas, Karl Krainer, and Bruce D. Allen
Karl Krainer, Spencer G. Lucas, and James E. Barrick
René A. De Hon and Richard A. Earl
Paul L. Sealey and Spencer G. Lucas
Nicholas G. Harrison and Virginia T. McLemore
Paul L. Sealey and Spencer G. Lucas
Sabrina V Moore, Charles R Hutt, Robert E Anthony, Adam T Ringler, Alexis C B Alejandro, and David C Wilson
Christopher Wolf, Amy Ewing, Elizabeth Bastien, and Katherine Yuhas
Glenn A. Spinelli, Heather Barnes, Peter S. Mozley, and Johnny Hinojosa
Susan L. Bilek
Asher J Lichtig and Spencer G Lucas
Asher J Lichtig and Spencer G Lucas
Adrian P Hunt and Spencer G Lucas
Theodore Miller and J. Bruce Harrison
James C Witcher and Howard P. Ross
Gabriel Edwin Lee Parrish, Jan M. H. Hendrickx, Fred M Phillips, and Daniel Cadol
Brittany Lyn Griego, Laura Crossey, Livia Crowley, Abigail Axness, Ryan Webb, and Adrian Marziliano
Jolante van Wijk, Gary Axen, and Claire Currie
Cory A Griego, Victor E French, and Kevin M Hobbs
Daniel J. Koning, Colin T. Cikoski, Andrew P. Jochems, and Alex T. Rinehart
Kyle Anderson Stark, Dr. Daniel Cadol, Dr. Jonathan B. Laronne, and Madeline Richards
Madeline A Richards, Daniel Cadol, Kyle Stark, Jonathan Laronne, and David Varyu
Jeffrey Pepin, Jared Peacock, Mark Person, Brad Sion, Shari Kelley, and JJ Butler
Bruce D. Allen, Spencer G. Lucas, Karl Krainer, Filiberto Gomez, Mauro Torres, and Chris Hurren
Jon K Golla, Laura J Crossey, Karl E Karlstrom, and Abdul-Mehdi S Ali
Ronni Grapenthin, Alex Rinehart, Shari Kelley, Mark Person, and Emily Graves
Bright Duah and William Bill Chávez Jnr
Mairi M Litherland
Ryan Mann and Jennifer Lindline
Samantha R. Bartnik, Brian A. Hampton, and Greg H. Mack
Emily Jo Graves and Ronni Grapenthin
Alex J Rinehart, Jeffrey Kennedy, Daniel Cadol, Shari Kelley, Madeline Richards, and Kyle Stark
W. Scott Baldridge
Lewis Land, Colin Cikoski, George Veni, and David McCraw
Ryan Joseph Helms
Gage Richards Lamborn, Victor French, and Kevin M Hobbs
Alexandra Rose Pearce, Kierran C Maher, and Karissa G Rosenberger
Melinda Horne, Mark Person, Shari Kelley, James Witcher, and Matthew Folsom
Michael G Chirigos and Gary Axen
Timothy James and Gary Morgan
Eric J Kappus, Anthony Alvarez, Joe Cancellare, and Spencer G. Lucas
Michelle M. Gavel, Jeffrey M Amato, Jason W Ricketts, and Shari A Kelley
Daniel Joseph Young, Lisa Gaston, Matt Heizler, and Karl Karlstrom
Brian A. Hampton, Samantha R. Bartnik, Greg H. Mack, and Cody J. Stopka
Raven Jackson
Jennifer Lindline, Richard Pratt, and Michael Petronis
Tyler Sproule, Glenn Spinelli, John Wilson, Michael Fort, Peter Mozley, Johnny Hinojosa, and Jared Ciarico
Charles A Turner, Asher Jacob Lichtig, Spencer G Lucas, and Adrian P Hunt
Max Fajardo