Mount Taylor dikes
Fraser Goff, John A. Wolff, and Kamilla Fallah


We present data on trends, widths, petrography and chemistry of volcanic dikes in the Mount Taylor volcano region, New Mexico. The dikes are subdivided into two distinct groups: 1) Nephelinite to trachybasalt dikes cutting Cretaceous sediments and Pliocene volcanic rocks in canyons and ravines south and west of Mount Taylor, and 2) Trachyandesite to trachydacite dikes cutting volcanic and intrusive rocks in the amphitheater of Mount Taylor. One dike from each group with particularly good exposures (Horace Mesa and South Wall dikes) is highlighted to show the differences in each dike type. Lastly, Mount Taylor mafic and silicic dikes are briefly compared to those at Ship Rock, New Mexico, and Summer Coon, Colorado, respectively. Although there are some similarities, there are many more differences primarily in dike configuration, length, and other varying characteristics.


  1. Goff, Fraser; Wolff, John A.; Fallah, Kamilla, 2013, Mount Taylor dikes, in: Geology of Route 66 region: Flagstaff to Grants, Zeigler, Kate; Timmons, J. Michael; Timmons, Stacy; Semken, Steve, New Mexico Geological Society, Guidebook, 64th Field Conference, pp. 159-165.

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