Alamogordo to La Luz, Cloudcroft, and Bluff Spring. Second-day road log
Geoffrey Rawling, Greg Mack, Daniel Koning, Lewis Land, and Virginia McLemore


The second day trip proceeds northeast from Alamogordo thru the town of La Luz and features three stops (one optional) in Fresnal and Salado Canyons to examine well-exposed Pennsylvanian and Permian rocks and Ancestral Rocky Mountain age structures, as well as Quaternary sediments. Stop 3 features a hike along the abandoned roadbed of the Alamogordo and Sacramento Mountain railroad, with excellent views of the geology and western escarpment of the mountains, ending at the beautiful Bridal Veil Falls. We then ascend to the crest of the Sacramento Mountains on U.S. Highway 82 to the resort town of Cloudcroft, and head south to the forested heart of the range to Stop 4 at Bluff Spring. Here we will eat lunch, discuss the hydrogeology of the Sacramento Mountains, and enjoy the cool mountain air in spruce-fir forests. The caravan will then return down the mountain to just north of La Luz, where we will visit an excellent exposure of the Alamogordo fault at Stop 5, and discuss faulting history and range front hydrology.

Note: The full-text of all Fall Field Conference road logs are only available in print.


  1. Rawling, Geoffrey; Mack, Greg; Koning, Daniel; Land, Lewis; McLemore, Virginia, 2014, Alamogordo to La Luz, Cloudcroft, and Bluff Spring. Second-day road log, in: Geology of the Sacramento Mountains region, Rawling, Geoffrey; McLemore, Virginia T.; Timmons, Stacy; Dunbar, Nelia, New Mexico Geological Society, Guidebook, 65th Field Conference, pp. 64-94.

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