Day 1 Hiking Log: Ouray Perimeter Trail
D.A. Gonzales, K.E. Karlstom, L. Crossey, M. Heizler, and S.G. Lucas


The Perimeter Trail of Ouray Colorado circles the foothills around the town of Ouray and offers spectacular views of the local scenery and geology. There are many hiking trails and destinations and this hiking log describes just two segments among a larger number of possible hikes listed at http://www. The hiking trail crosses highways and streets of Ouray which gives opportunities to get the “snack wagon” staged at key locations, and offers participants a chance to custom design the parts of the hike they will do. The average elevation is high (8000 ft; 2450 m) and some trail segments are steep. We will have vans stationed at key spots if participants want to rest or cut short portions of the hike.

Note: The full-text of all Fall Field Conference road logs are only available in print.


  1. Gonzales, D.A.; Karlstom, K.E.; Crossey, L.; Heizler, M.; Lucas, S.G., 2017, Day 1 Hiking Log: Ouray Perimeter Trail, in: The Geology of the Ouray-Silverton Area, Karlstrom, Karl E.; Gonzales, David A.; Zimmerer, Matthew J.; Heizler, Matthew; Ulmer-Scholle, Dana S., New Mexico Geological Society, Guidebook, 68th Field Conference, pp. 11-23.

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