Neogene stratigraphy of the northwestern Albuquerque Basin
Richard H. Tedford


Stratigraphic studies of the Neogene deposits of the Albuquerque- Belen basin were initiated in the northwestern part of the basin along the Ceja del Rio Puerco, the badland escarpment carved by tributaries of the Rio Puerco, and in the adjacent terrain dissected by the Jemez River. The stratigraphic nomenclature developed in this region has been applied elsewhere in the basin, but the northwestern outcrops historically have been the source for most of our knowledge of the stratigraphy of the basin-fill deposits. The following review will focus on this region as the most influential in the development of concepts of the Neogene stratigraphy of the Albuquerque-Belen basin.


  1. Tedford, Richard H., 1982, Neogene stratigraphy of the northwestern Albuquerque Basin, in: Albuquerque Country II, Grambling, J. A.; Wells, S. G., New Mexico Geological Society, Guidebook, 33rd Field Conference, pp. 273-278.

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