Notes on the upper Paleozoic plants of central New Mexico
Sidney R. Ash and William D. Tidwell


Remains of fossil land plants occur at a number of localities in the Upper Paleozoic strata of central New Mexico. These fossils represent a series of floras that succeeded one another in the area from Mississippian through Early Permian time. A study of these fossils has the potential of giving insight into the environments of deposition of these strata. Unfortunately, none of the fossils have ever been described in any detail, and most of the data on them is limited to identifications that are scattered in a number of reports and unpublished theses. In this report we bring together the published and unpublished data we have on these floras to document some of the changing aspects of the land flora in the central New Mexico area during 50 million years in the Late Paleozoic.

The floras are discussed in sequence from oldest to youngest, and where possible, they are correlated with the floral zones proposed by Read and Mamay (1964).


  1. Ash, Sidney R.; Tidwell, William D., 1982, Notes on the upper Paleozoic plants of central New Mexico, in: Albuquerque Country II, Grambling, J. A.; Wells, S. G., New Mexico Geological Society, Guidebook, 33rd Field Conference, pp. 245-248.

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