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New Mexico Geological Society Annual Spring Meeting
Macey Center, New Mexico Tech campus, Socorro, NM
April 13, 2018

Results ordered by Year and Page (in Abstract Volume)

Scarp Morphology Along the Alamogordo Fault, Sacramento Mountains From a High-Resolution Aerial Topographic Survey
Lynn A Acosta and Reed J Burgette p. 11.
Evidence for Multiple Magmatic Sources Over Time Along the Southwestern Laurentian Margin During the Grenville Orogeny
Anthony M. Alvarez, Munazzam Ali Mahar, Jason W. Ricketts, and Philip C. Goodell p. 12.
Two Methods to Describe the Vastness of Time: a Virtual Tour of the Geologic History of the El Paso/Juarez Region and a 12 Month Proportional Relation of this Paleohistory
Anthony M. Alvarez, Eric J. Kappus, and Erik M. Day p. 13.
Flat-Slab Bulldozing of Basal Continental Mantle Lithosphere: 2D Numerical Models and Application to the Laramide Orogeny
Gary Axen, Jolante van Wijk, and Claire A Currie p. 14.
Chemical and Mineral Compositions and Compositional Trends of Two Pliocene Paleosols From the Taos Plateau, New Mexico, USA
April R Bates p. 15.
Update on Groundwater in the Southern Taos Valley, New Mexico
Anthony Benson, David C. Jacobs, and Peter Vigil p. 16.
Extension Rates Impact on Endorheic Drainage Longevity and Regional Sediment Discharge
Michael Berry, Jolante van Wijk, Daniel Cadol, Daniel Garica-Costellanos, and Erica Emry p. 17.
Effects of long-term and short-term climatic changes seen through the transitional process geomorphology of a deglaciating stratovolcano, Mount Rainier, Washington, USA
Jonathan D Beyeler and David R Montgomery p. 18.
Sediment Dispersal Trends and Timing of Basement-Block Uplift During the Early Permian Phase of the Ancestral Rocky Mountains, New Mexico
Alicia L. Bonar, Brian A. Hampton, Greg H. Mack, and Jeffrey M. Amato p. 19.
Carbon Dioxide and Helium Gases in New Mexico: Distribution and Relation to Other Gases in the Reservoir
Ronald F. Broadhead p. 20.
Paragenesis of Uranium Minerals in the Grants Mineral Belt, New México:Applied Geochemistry and the Development of Oxidized Uranium Mineralization
Samantha Caldwell and William X Chavez p. 21.
A New Tyrannosaurid Dinosaur From the De-Na-Zin Member of the Kirtland Formation (late Cretaceous, Campanian), Northwestern New Mexico
Sebastian G. Dalman and Spencer G. Lucas p. 22.
New Evidence for Predatory Behavior in Tyrannosaurid Dinosaurs From the Farmington Sandstone Member of the Kirtland Formation (late Cretaceous, Campanian), Northwestern New Mexico
Sebastian G. Dalman and Spencer G. Lucas p. 23.
Continuing Mentorship of Underrepresented Students in Geophysics Through the Educational Internship in Physical Sciences (eips)
Deandra De Los Santos, Sarah Pon, Frankie Enriquez, Guadalupe Alvarez-Rodriguez, Sophia Terrazas, Jason Ricketts, and John G. Olgin p. 24.
Alpine Hydrology of Phoenix Spring and Lake Fork of the Rio Hondo, Taos Ski Valley, NM
P. Drakos, A. J. Tafoya, J. Lazarus, and J. Riesterer p. 25.
A laboratory simulation of Cu, Pb and Fe release from sulfide-containing mine tailings in seawater
Rodrigo Frayna Embile, Jr., Ingar Walder, Christopher Schuh, and Jenna Donatelli p. 26.
The Short Normal Paleomagnetic Interval - C29r.1n – Is Within the Paleocene Ojo Alamo Sandstone, San Juan Basin, New Mexico
James E. Fassett p. 27.
Soil Chronosequence Study of Long Valley, Northern New Mexico: Insights into the Development of Soils on Catenas in a Post-Glacial Valley
Anthony David Feldman and James Bruce Harrison p. 28.
The Timing of Neogene Extension in the Southern Rio Grande Rift and Southeastern Basin and Range Province Using Apatite (U/Th)-He Thermochronometry
Michelle M. Gavel, Jeffrey M. Amato, and Jason W. Ricketts p. 29.
The Geology and Hydrology of Environmental Hazards From Aeolian Dust and Sand in the Chihuahuan Desert
Thomas E Gill, Miguel Dominguez Acosta, Matthew C Baddock, Jeffrey A Lee, Iyasu Eibedingil, and Junran Li p. 30.
Revisited Major-Solute Observations and Preliminary Trace Element Analyses of Geothermal Salinization of the Jemez Watershed, New Mexico
Jon Golla, Laura Crossey, and Abdul-Mehdi Ali p. 31.
Airborne Health Hazards on Native American Tribal Lands: The Uranium Mining Legacy
Tylee M. Griego, Matt Campen, Johnnye Lewis, and Adrian J. Brearley p. 32.
Hydrogeologic-Framework, Water-Supply Well Pumping, and Acequia-Irrigation Controls on Subsurface-Water Flow and Contaminant Transport in Santa Fe Group and Alluvial-Terrace Deposits Beneath Historic Santa Fe, New Mexico
John W. Hawley and Baird H. Swanson p. 33.
Assessment of Episodic Hydrothermal Activity in the Rincon Geothermal System
Melinda Horne, Mark Person, Shari Kelley, Matthew Folsom, Jeff Pepin, and James Witcher p. 34.
A new Stegomastodon skull (Proboscidea: Gomphotheriidae) from the Camp Rice Formation, Doña Ana County, New Mexico.
Peter Houde and Danielle Peltier p. 35.
Sr and Pb feldspar geochemistry of middle–late Eocene volcanic rocks of the Palm Park Formation and Orejon Andesite, south-central New Mexico
Makayla R. Jacobs, Frank C. Ramos, and Brian A. Hampton p. 36.
Updated Stratigraphic Nomenclature of the Plio-Pleistocene Palomas Formation (upper Santa Fe Group), South-Central New Mexico
Andy Jochems, Dan Koning, and Colin Cikoski p. 37.
Additions to the Ichnotaxa and Ichnoassemblages of the Cretaceous (albian) Mesilla Valley Formation at Cerro De Cristo Rey, Sunland Park, Nm
Eric J Kappus and Spencer G. Lucas p. 38.
Groundwater Temperature Rise During Aquifer Recovery at the Buckman Municipal Well Field, Santa Fe, New Mexico
Shari Kelley, Matthew Folsom, Ronni Grapenthin, and Mark Person p. 39.
New Inorganic-Organic Carbon-Based Hybrid Material for Selective Uranium Capture
Chase Kicker, Liliya Frolova, and Snezna Rogelj p. 40.
Mapping Rockfall Susceptibility across New Mexico at 1:750,000 scale
Daniel J. Koning and Mark Mansell p. 41.
Preliminary Basin Model and Hydrogeologic Assessment for the Northeastern San Agustin Plains, New Mexico
Daniel J. Koning and Alex J. Rinehart p. 42.
Paleoenvironmental Investigations of Pliocene Intertrappean Paleosols, Taos Plateau, New Mexico, Suggest Long-Term Semiarid Pedogenesis
Gage Richards Lamborn, April Bates, Victor French, and Kevin Hobbs p. 43.
The Cretaceous-Paleocene Baenid Turtle neurankylus: Evidence of Sexual Dimorphism
Asher J Lichtig and Spencer G Lucas p. 44.
The Trionychid Turtle axestemys Montinsana From the Paleocene Nacimiento Formation, San Juan Basin, New Mexico
Asher J Lichtig and Spencer G Lucas p. 45.
Geochemistry, Transport, and Remediation of Chromium in an Oxidizing Aquifer System, Pajarito Plateau, New Mexico
Patrick Longmire p. 46.
Compositions and elevations of deposits between recently identified Quaternary faults complicate structural interpretations of the southwestern Albuquerque Basin, New Mexico
David W. Love, Eda Celep, and Brad Sion p. 47.
Preferences of Granule Sizes and Compositions From Harvester Anthills on Diverse Substrates Across Sevilleta National Wildlife Refuge, Central New Mexico
David W. Love and Adam Nash p. 48.
Ichnology of a Pliocene Sandflat, Albuquerque Basin, New Mexico
Spencer G. Lucas, Nasrollah Abbassi, Paul Knight, Heitor Francischini, and Paula Dias p. 49.
Lithostratigraphy, Paleontology and Deposition of the Cambro-Ordovician Bliss Formation, Sierra County, New Mexico
Spencer G. Lucas and Karl Krainer p. 50.
Groundwater Level Monitoring Along the Animas River, New Mexico, After the Gold King Mine 2015 Mine-Water Release
Ethan Mamer, Brad Talon Newton, and Stacy Timmons p. 51.
Photogrammetry of Fluvial Outcrops in Toadstool Geologic Park, Nebraska and Angel Peak, New Mexico
Wade Walter Mans and Gary Weissman p. 52.
Hydrologic Monitoring of Springs Along the Nacimiento Fault
Chris McGibbon, Laura Crossey, and Karl Karlstrom p. 53.
Protecting New Mexico’s Buried Treasure: a Summary of Groundwater Quality Protection in New Mexico
Dennis M McQuillan p. 54.
­Evaluating the Potential Of Magnetic Surveying To Predict Particle Size Distribution Of Soils
Victoria Moreno and Diane I Doser p. 55.
Late Pliocene (Blancan) Vertebrates From the Camp Rice Formation in the Vicinity of Hatch, Doña Ana and Sierra Counties, Southern New Mexico
Gary S. Morgan, Paul L. Sealey, Andrew P. Jochems, and Philip A. Gensler p. 56.
Geochemistry of the Animas River Alluvial Aquifer After the Gold King Mine Spill, San Juan County, New Mexico
Brad Talon Newton, Ethan Mamer, and Stacy Timmons p. 57.
Driest Period of the Holocene in the Southwestern United States From Coralloidal Stalagmite Growth
Holly Olivarez, Victor Polyak, and Yemane Asmerom p. 58.
Parametrizing Total Available Water (TAW) for Prediction of Root Zone Soil Moisture using the Evaporation, Transpiration and Recharge Model (ETRM)
Gabriel E. L. Parrish, Jan M.H. Hendrickx, Juliet Ayertey, Brian Borchers, and Daniel Cadol p. 59.
Eolian Sedimentation in the Bolson Sand Sheets of the Northern Chihuahuan Desert: Slow and Continuous or Punctuated?
David M. Rachal and H. Curtis Monger p. 60.