NMGS scholarship application deadline extended to 3/8/2024

February 12, 2024

Scholarship applications for 2024 Grants-in-Aid, Research Awards, Geochronology Awards, and Graduate Mentorship will be accepted until midnight on Friday, March 8, 2024 via the on-line NMGS scholarship application portal.

NMGS grant, research, and mentorship awards are awarded to undergraduate and graduate students enrolled in New Mexico institutions whose proposed projects are located in New Mexico (or the surrounding region for the Cearley Geochronology Award). Project areas and students enrolled in colleges outside of New Mexico are not eligible for funding. Details of the award amounts, including proposal requirements and evaluation criteria, can be found at https://nmgs.nmt.edu/scholarships/awards/competitive.html.

Graduate students may apply for the Graduate Grants-in-Aid (maximum award of $2000 per student), the Cearley Geochronology Award (maximum award of $2,000 per student) and the Graduate Mentorship Award (maximum award of $1,500 per student). The top-ranked graduate proposal will be awarded the Frank E. Kottlowski Research Award ($5,000 award); the second-ranked graduate proposal will receive the Cearley Graduate Grant-In-Aid ($5,000 award). Please note the Cearley Grant-In-Aid and Cearley Geochronology Award are different awards with different values.

Undergraduate students may apply for both the Lucille H. Pipkin Undergraduate Research Award (maximum award of $1,500 per student) and the Cearley Geochronology Award (maximum award of $2,000 per student). The top-ranked undergraduate proposal will be awarded the Cearley Undergraduate Grant-In-Aid ($2,500 award). In the absence of a highly-qualified undergraduate proposal, the Cearley Undergraduate Grant-in-Aid ($2,500) will be awarded to third-ranked graduate students.

Students who have received funding in the past should make sure to include a progress report in their 2024 application detailing work completed to date and a summary of any results.

If students or their advisors have questions concerning the 2024 Grant-In-Aid and Research Award application process, please do not hesitate to contact the NMGS Scholarship Chair at susan.lucaskamat@env.nm.gov.

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