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New Mexico Geological Society Annual Spring Meeting
April 19, 2024, Macey Center, Socorro, NM


Matthew J. Zimmerer, Michael Timmons, Phil Miller, Jake Ross, Siânin Spaur, and Daniel Lavery
Amit Millo, Jeff Amato, and Jordan Bell
Noah Frederick Hobbs, Bulbul Ahmmed, Luke Philip Frash, and Meng Meng
Janin Essary, Virginia McLemore, and Paul Fuierer
George Pharris, Veronica Prush, and John Naliboff
William C. Haneberg and Sean D. Connell
Matthew L. McLean, D. Nicolas Espinoza, and Bulbul Ahmmed
Kristen Hashberger, Ryan Leary, and Veronica Prush
Christopher D. Henry
Zohreh Kazemi Motlagh, Virginia T. McLemore, Evan Owen, and William Chávez
Devra E. Heyer and Daniel S. Jones
Mackenzie B. Best, Daniel S. Jones, and Virginia McLemore
R. Keith Julian
Aadish Velmani, Alexander Gysi, and Nicole Hurtig
Alexis Osegueda Salmeron, Jeffrey Amato, and Gideon Kuykendall
Michael S. Petronis, Joesph P. Zebrowski, Marine S. Foucher, and Jennifer Lindline
Kyle T. Stafford, Virginia T. McLemore, and Nels A. Iverson
Tracy Kliphuis, Hope Jasperson, and Velimir Vesselinov
Joseph R. Hoberg, Anika Baloun, Jimmy Swift, Abigail Brown, Georgia N. Schneider, Patricia E. Seiser, and Daniel S. Jones
Daniel M. Runyan, Devra Heyer, Raquel Lugo, and Daniel S. Jones
Raquel Lugo, Devra Heyer, Daniel S. Jones, and Valerie Davis
Devlon R. Shaver and Virginia T. McLemore
Virginia T. McLemore, Evan J. Owen, Brielle Hunt, and Exploration Geochemistry Fall Class
Sam Fire, Valentina Robledo, and Virginia T. McLemore
Kevin M. Hobbs
Taylor Cecelia Yazzie, Bonnie Frey, Daniel Cadol, Ranalda Tsosie, Laila Sturgis, Emily Woolsey, and Abhishek Roychowdhury
Charles Kershaw, Nicole Hurtig, Alexander Gysi, Artas Migdisov, Larua Waters, and Daniel Harlov
Madison Marie Allcorn, Marine S. Foucher, Michael S. Petronis, Marek Awdankiewicz, and Sam Poppe
Isabella Cerchiaro Sanchez, Anita Appah, Kyle Stafford, Virginia McLemore, and Evan Owen
Eric L. Ruggles, Nicole Hurtig , Alexander Gysi, Virginia T. McLemore, and Jay Thompson
Jakob Newcomer, Virginia McLemore, Nicole Hurtig, and Zohreh Kazemi Motlagh
Emma E. Schantz and Jeffrey M. Amato
Antonio Chavez, George Pharris, and Veronica B. Prush
Sharon B. Minnix, Daniel S. Jones, and Veronica Prush
Nicole Joy Salladin, Thomas A. Valenzuela, Brian A. Hampton, Kevin M. Hobbs, Matt T. Heizler, and Julia Ricci
Daniel J. Koning, Matthew T. Heizler, and Richard M. Chamberlin
Katelyn Mary Green, Abigail R. Brown, Zoe E. Havlena, Mackenzie B. Best, Diana E. Northup, and Daniel S. Jones
Abena Serwah Acheampong-Mensah, Virginia T. McLemore, Nicole Hurtig, and Alexander Gysi
Lee H. Hughes, Jeffrey M. Amato, and Julia Ricci
Jennifer Lindline and Mary Frances Bibb
Brianna Whitney Detsoi, Bonnie Frey, and Virginia McLemore
John J. Lempke, Bonnie Frey, and Virginia Mclemore
Luke P. Frash, Bulbul Ahmmed, and Bijay K C
Lianjie Huang
Urbi Basu, Susan Bilek, and Mairi Litherland
Paul Drakos, Meghan Hodgins, and Jim Riesterer
Joseph Kuljis
Curtis Monger, Karl Laumbach, Julia Kelson, Virginia McLemore, and Richard Holloway
Loc Luong and Daniel Cadol
Abelino Fernandez Leger and Daniel Cadol
Frederick Henderson
James C. Witcher
Kyle K. Gallant, Veronica Prush, and Shari Kelley
Brielle Hunt, Virginia McLemore, Evan Owen, and Nicole Hurtig
Dennis Loria
Ken Wisian