NMGS Foundation


The New Mexico Geological Society (NMGS) Foundation was established in 2003 with the mission of providing a source of funding for educational, and scientific objectives, which directly and indirectly benefit the geologic profession in New Mexico and the general public.

The NMGS Foundation was created as a non-profit 501(c)(3) corporation with the intent to:  1) protect the non-profit status associated with the New Mexico Geological Society and their investment income, 2) provide long-term management of assets and 3) protect scholarship assets from liability associated with NMGS Society activities. The NMGS Foundation Board's primary function is to determine the annual budget for activities associated with the New Mexico Geological Society.  To achieve this function, the Board meets quarterly to evaluate investment performance, establish annual budgets, and other associated activities.  The NMGS Foundation Board currently has five members, including the Vice President of the New Mexico Geological Society that represents professional and academic geologists from across the state of New Mexico.

NMGS Foundation revenues from investments of charitable contributions annually provide between $26,000 and $42,000 to the NMGS to support activities that include the annual NMGS Fall Field Conference, NMGS Spring Meeting, numerous NMGS Grants-in-Aid to students undertaking geological research in the state of New Mexico, and other scholarships to students attending 4-year colleges and research universities throughout New Mexico.

Please consider making a tax-deductible donation to the NMGS Foundation or remembering the NMGS Foundation and Society in your estate planning. The generous support of past donors has helped advance the careers of many young geoscientists and greatly contributed to the legacy of geologic research in New Mexico.

A special thanks to the following 2022 donors that represent a record number of donors that allowed us to exceeded our $20,000 funding target!

  • Gerald Atkinson
  • Tony Benson*
  • John Bloch*
  • Glen Brown*
  • James & Susan Cearley*
  • Joseph Cepeda
  • Richard Chamberlin* (in memory of Frank Kottlowski)
  • Robert Couch
  • Laura Crossey & Karl Karlstrom (in support of student scholarships)
  • Mary Dowse* (in honor of those who worked on the FFC that had to be cancelled)
  • Maya Elrick*
  • Ethan Haft
  • Matt Heizler
  • Barry Kues*
  • Timothy Lawton (in memory of Russ Clemons NMSU)
  • Tom McCrory*
  • Nancy McMillan*
  • Robert Newcomer* (in memory of Bob & Patty Newcomer)
  • Charles (Jack) Oviatt*
  • Paul Parmentier
  • Frank Ramos*
  • John & Dianna Shomaker*
  • David Swenson*
  • Charles Thorn*
  • Maryann Wasiolek* (in support of student scholarships – preferably a qualified hydrology student)
  • Kate Zeigeler*

*Indicates multi-year donor

NMGS Foundation Directors - 2017
NMGS Foundation Directors in 2019
From left to right: Frank C. Ramos — President, Bob Newcomer — Secretary, Kate Zeigler — Treasurer, James B. Cearley III — Outreach Officer, John Shomaker — Vice President, (Shannon Williams — NMGS Vice-President & Foundation Liason was not present)