Thank you for your philanthropic gift to the NMGS Foundation. The Foundation provides funding for student attendance at the Annual Spring Meeting, Fall Field Conference, as well as Grants in Aid and Scholarships. The society has a long history of supporting students. In addition to numerous scholarships, we provide students with free memberships and substantial discounts on our publications.

We welcome any and all support, but we suggest that donations by credit card not exceed $5000. Larger amounts can be transferred by check or money order and should be accompanied by our donation form.

Our summary of current scholarships may be helpful in determining the appropriate amount to donate.

If you are interested in establishing your legacy and expanding the resources available to NMGS students, please consider creating your own scholarship or endowment.

James Cearley — NMGS Foundation Outreach Officer, at, 832-623-1437 to discuss these options.

The New Mexico Geological Society and NMGS Foundation are 501 (c)(3) organizations and any donations we receive are tax deductable.

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You will be asked for payment information on a secure server and will receive an acknowledgement of your contribution as soon as your donation is processed.

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