Special Publication 13 — Energy and Mineral Resources of New Mexico

Boxed Set of 6 Volumes (A-F)

Virginia T. McLemore, Stacy Timmons, and Maureen Wilks [eds], 2017

This boxed set of six volumes provides the most comprehensive and extensive review of New Mexico’s energy and mineral resources to-date. Each volume focuses on the geologic nature of the resource, the history of the resource development in New Mexico, and their importance to the world and New Mexico’s economy. Written by New Mexico’s own experts in the fields, this set covers energy resources of petroleum, natural gas, coal, uranium, and geothermal, along with the resources of metals and industrial minerals and rocks.

This boxed set was published jointly by the New Mexico Bureau of Geology & Mineral Resources and the New Mexico Geological Society.

Energy and Mineral Resources of New Mexico, NMBGMR, Memoir 50 and NMGS Special Publication 13 (six-volume boxed set)

  1. Petroleum GeologyRonald F. Broadhead
  2. Coal Resources — Gretchen K. Hoffman
  3. Uranium ResourcesVirginia T. McLemore and William L. Chenoweth
  4. Metallic Mineral DepositsVirginia T. McLemore and Virgil W. Lueth
  5. Industrial Minerals and Rocks — Virginia T. McLemore and George S. Austin
  6. Overview of the Valles Caldera (Baca) Geothermal SystemFraser Goff and Cathy J. Goff
ISBN: 978-1-883905-43-9
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Boxed set, Volumes A-F

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