New Mexico Geological Society
Special Publication - 8
Archaeology and History of Santa Fe Country


Raymond V. Ingersol and Jonanthan F. Callender, eds, 1979, 19 pages.

This volume is a companion to New Mexico Geological Society Guidebook 30 (Santa Fe Country), and is not meant to be a comprehensive summary of the archaeology and history of the Santa Fe area. Rather, it is a collection of four articles that were prepared in conjunction with the Society's fall field conference, and which provide the reader with insights to a small part of the human history of the area. This Special Publication is the Society's first product primarily dealing with topics other than geology. We think that both geologists and nongeologists will find the articles to be interesting and informative, and that this volume will be a suitable complement to Guidebook 30. We thank the authors for their interesting and timely contributions.

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