New Mexico Geological Society
Special Publication - 5
Cenozoic Volcanism in Southwestern New Mexico

Wolfgang E. Elston and Stuart A. Northrop, eds, 1976, 151 pages.

coverThis volume has been a long time in the making. The call for papers went out in late 1970 and papers were received in 1971 and 1972. Plans called for publication as University of New Mexico Publication in Geology No. 8. Tentative approval had been obtained before the call for papers was issued but by the time papers had been reviewed and edited, the great financial crunch of the 1970's had struck in academia. UNM Press has an established reputation and market in the humanities and social sciences but was uncertain about the physical sciences. In 1973 the plan for University of New Mexico Publication in Geology No. 8 had to be abandoned. Efforts to find an alternative publisher were successful in May 1975, when the Executive Committee of the New Mexico Geological Society voted to sponsor this volume. Rodney Rhodes' tragic death had occurred just two months before and it was decided to dedicate the volume to his memory. The technicalities of preparing manuscripts for the printer became less overwhelming when Stuart A. Northrop agreed to accept coeditorship. To save printing costs, all bibliographies were combined into one at the end of the volume. In the meantime, science had not stood still. All authors were given an opportunity to revise their manuscripts. In general, papers that describe particular areas had remained up to date. Papers that interpreted the data required extensive revision. Specifically, all papers of which I am author or coauthor were written or completely rewritten during 1975 and early 1976. All other papers are essentially as they were in 1973. One article that had been cited in the literature as being "in press" was withdrawn by the authors: Seager, W. R., and Clemons, R. E.,"Volcanic chronology and structure of the Blue Creek basin region between Clifton, Arizona and Cliff, New Mexico."

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