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Special Publications are books that are generally broad in scope that are published independently of the Annual Fall Field Conference Guidebooks.

Our most recent Special Publication, The Geology of New Mexico, a Geologic History is a 474-page hardcover volume that comprehensively reviews the geologic history of NM from Proterozoic to Holocene.

You may also purchase a complete set of all NMGS publications at a significant discount.

Stock# Title Price / Details
SP-1 cover Bibliography and Index of the New Mexico Geological Society Guidebooks, 1950-63, S. R. Ash, compiler, 1964, 31 pages, NMGS. $3.00Buy Now
SP-2 cover History of the New Mexico Geological Society, 1947-1968, S. A. Northrop, 1969, 78 pages, NMGS. $2.00Buy Now
SP-3 cover The San Andres Limestone: A Reservoir for Oil and Water, Kottlowski, F. E.; Summers, W. K.; [eds.], 1969, 51 pages, NMGS. $10.00Buy Now
SP-4 cover Subsurface Geology of East-central New Mexico, Foster, R. W.; Frentress, R. M.; Riese, W. C., 1972, 22 pages, NMGS. $3.00Buy Now
SP-5 cover Cenozoic Volcanism in Southwestern New Mexico, Elston, W. E.; Northrop, S. A.; [eds.], 1976, 151 pages, NMGS. $5.00Buy Now
SP-6 cover Tectonics and Mineral Resources of Southwestern North America, Woodward, L. A.; Northrop, S. A.; [eds.], 1976, 218 pages, NMGS. $7.50Buy Now
SP-7 cover Field Guide to Selected Cauldrons and Mining Districts of the Datil-Mogollon Volcanic Field, New Mexico, Chapin, C. E.; Elston, W. E.; James, H. L.; [eds.], 1978, 149 pages, NMGS. $5.00Buy Now
SP-8 cover Archaeology and History of Santa Fe Country, Ingersol, R. V.; Callender, J. F.; [eds.], 1979, 19 pages, NMGS. $2.00Buy Now
SP-9 cover Ash-Flow Tuffs (Reprinted from USGS Professional Papers 366 and 354-F), Callender, J. F.; [ed.], 1980, 104 pages, NMGS. $7.50Buy Now
SP-10 cover Environmental Geology and Hydrology in New Mexico, Wells, S. G.; Lambert, W.; Callender, J. F.; [eds.], 1981, 152 pages, NMGS. $4.50Buy Now
SP-11 cover The Geology of New Mexico - A Geologic History, Mack, Greg H.; Giles, Katherine A.; [eds.], 2004, 474 pages, NMGS, ISBN: 9781585460106, [Hardcover]. $45.00Buy Now
SP-12 cover A Brief History of Geological Studies in New Mexico With Biographical Profiles of Notable New Mexico Geologists, Kues, Barry S.; Lewis, Claudia J.; Lueth, Virgil W.; [eds.], 2014, 234 pages, NMGS, ISBN: 9781585460113. $50.00Buy Now
SP-13 cover Energy and Mineral Resources of New Mexico: Boxed Set, volumes, see individual, 2017, 564 pages, ISBN: 978-1-883905-43-9. (Boxed set, Volumes A-F) $125.00Buy Now
SP-13A cover Energy and Mineral Resources of New Mexico: Petroleum Geology, Broadhead, Ronald F., 2017, 104 pages, ISBN: 978–1–883905–37–8. $25.00Buy Now
SP-13B cover Energy and Mineral Resources of New Mexico: Coal Resources, Hoffman, Gretchen K., 2017, 80 pages, ISBN: 978–1–883905–38–5. $25.00Buy Now
SP-13C cover Energy and Mineral Resources of New Mexico: Uranium Resources, McLemore, Virginia T.; Chenoweth, William L., 2017, 80 pages, ISBN: 978–1–883905–39–2. $25.00Buy Now
SP-13D cover Energy and Mineral Resources of New Mexico: Metallic Mineral Deposits, McLemore, Virginia T.; Lueth, Virgil W., 2017, 92 pages, ISBN: 978–1–883905–40–8. $25.00Buy Now
SP-13E cover Energy and Mineral Resources of New Mexico: Industrial Minerals and Rocks, McLemore, Virginia T.; Austin, George S., 2017, 128 pages, ISBN: 978–1–883905–41–5. $25.00Buy Now
SP-13F cover Energy and Mineral Resources of New Mexico: Overview of the Valles Caldera (Baca) Geothermal System, Goff, Fraser; Goff, Cathy J., 2017, 80 pages, ISBN: 978–1–883905–42–2. $25.00Buy Now