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Most of this terms of use and privacy policy is identical to that of the New Mexico Bureau of Geology & Mineral Resources who handles all of our publication sales and hosts this web site.

Content Disclaimer

Although we strive to present current and accurate information, content on this server is provided without guarantee of any kind. Content is also subject to change, deletion, or being moved without notice at any time. This site contains information that is created and maintained by a variety of sources. Not all content has been rigorously reviewed before posting, and any opinions expressed may not necessarily reflect the position of the New Mexico Geological Society, the New Mexico Geological Society Foundation, or its officers respectively.

We will have initially previewed external websites that we find relevant for our visitors prior to linking to them but note that we do not control and therefore cannot be responsible for content on outside servers linked to from our site. Content on websites frequently changes and if you feel that we have linked to an inappropriate site, have a broken link, or have an error of any kind that we should correct, please contact our webmaster.

Copyright Information

Publications of the New Mexico Geological Society, printed and electronic, are protected by the copyright laws of the United States. No material from our website or printed and electronic publications may be reprinted or redistributed without our permission. Contact us for permission to reprint portions of any of our publications.

One printed copy of any materials from our website or our print and electronic publications may be made for individual use without our permission. Teachers and students may make unlimited copies for educational use. Any other use of these materials requires permission.

Privacy Policy

The New Mexico Geological Society has a firm commitment to your privacy. We do not collect any personally identifiable information (e.g., name, address, or telephone number) unless you voluntarily provide it.

All of our content is suitable for children, with sufficient interest, and some is intended specifically for K-12 teachers and children. We will be happy to respond to a one-time specific request for information via e-mail from children (in compliance with the Children's Online Privacy Protection Act of 1998). Furthermore, we assume that any information provided to us for purchases made through our site is by adults, or is made with adult consent, because of the use of a credit card or personal check for payment.

Server Logs

Like virtually every Web site, we do automatically collect certain information in our server logs such as:

  • Domain, country, IP address
  • Browser, platform, resolution
  • Entrance-exit pages, referrals
  • Date, time
  • Search terms and search engines

We do generate statistics for internal use from our logs to help us better serve our visitors. However, no data specific to an individual access of our site will be shared with any third party without your consent.


Some of our pages use cookies, which are very small files stored on your computer to record information about your site preferences. If you choose to disable cookies, our site will still work, but with some features disabled.

E-mail or Web Forms

If you send us e-mail or submit a Web form requesting information, we may forward your message to the current officer can best answer your questions. We do not compile lists of e-mail addresses from these requests for information.

Opting Out of Receiving Unsolicited Mail or E-mail

If you become a member or specifically request to be added to our mailing list when you purchase publications, we will infrequently contact you regarding new publications or other topics that you might be interested in. Should you receive such mail from us that you don't want to receive in the future, we will provide an opt-out link to remove your name from our mailing list.

Security Standards

Any financial information related to purchases that we may collect, like credit card numbers, will utilize a secure (encrypted) server and will be stored only long enough to complete your individual transaction. If you are uncomfortable about e-commerce, you can shop online and then arrange payment by phone. Any information collected in relation to fulfilling orders, such as names and addresses, will be stored on a computer system with appropriate physical and electronic security measures in place and subject to our privacy policy. If you have concerns about security or privacy regarding our site, please contact us.


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