2025 Ballot Information

Check your membership status to determine whether you are permitted vote for NMGS officers.

Incoming candidates for the New Mexico Geological Society Executive Committee are typically discussed during the committee meeting at the Fall Field Conference. Nominees are considered by the current Executive Committee and a single candidate is invited to serve by the NMGS President. Incoming officers start a five year rotation entering with the position of Secretary, then Treasurer, Vice President, President, and finally Past President. This rotation assures the continuity of the Executive Committee. Additionally, the Executive Committee Vice-president acts as the Society Liason on the NMGS Foundation Board. Positions on the Foundation Board do not rotate, and the Board is not required to add a new member every year.

Every year, a ballot with one candidate for each position is presented to membership. Current members have the option to affirmatively vote for each candidate, can decline to vote for particular candidates, or can choose another member as a write-in candidate.

If you are a society member and would like to serve on either the NMGS Executive Committee or Foundation Board in the future, please nominate yourself when you vote or contact the society Secretary. You can also nominate another member, but please make sure that they are willing to serve first.