New Mexico Geological Society
Fall Field Conference Guidebook - 18
Defiance-Zuni-Mt. Taylor Region, Arizona and New Mexico


Frederick D. Trauger, ed., 1967, 228 pages.

The Eighteenth Annual Field Conference of the New Mexico Geological Society will visit three areas of distinct economic importance in northwestern New Mexico and northeastern Arizona, where the surface exposures of geologic features are unsurpassed and the beauty of the scenery unequalled. The Dinch bi Keyah oil field is one of the most important oil discoveries in the western United States in recent years and it is unique in that the oil is produced from a sanadine-rich syenite sill. The spectacular increase in the demand for uranium as a power source has focused the attention of the nuclear power industry on the Gallup- Grants-Laguna area where over 41 percent of the nation's uranium ore reserves are located. In addition, the recently increased industrial demand for domestic fluorspar has brought new interest to the deposits in the Zuni Mountains. The first day road log is from Gallup north through the Chuska Mountains and return via Window Rock, Lukachukai, and Sheep Springs. The second day road log is from Gallup through the Zuni Mountains to Thoreau and return to Gallup via Smith Lake, Mariano Lake and Pinedale. The third day road log is from Fort Wingate to Bibo via Prewitt, Ambrosia Lake, Milan, Grants, Laguna, and Paguate.

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Table of Contents:

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  1. Lexicon of stratigraphic names used in northwest New Mexico and adjacent states (2.59 MB PDF)
    — Christina Lochman-Balk, pp. 15-27.
  2. Tectonics of the Zuni-Defiance region, New Mexico and Arizona (1.15 MB PDF)
    — Vincent C. Kelley, pp. 28-31.
  3. First day road log from Gallup north through the Chuska Mountains and return via Window Rock, Lukachukai and Sheep Springs
    — Larry L. Werts and Edward C. Beaumont, pp. 33-56.
  4. Permian stratigraphy of the Defiance Plateau, Arizona (1.48 MB PDF)
    — H. Wesley Peirce, pp. 57-62.
  5. The Navajo Indian nation and Dineh bi Keyah (1.49 MB PDF)
    — Henry F. Pohlmann, pp. 63-69.
  6. Cenozoic geology of the Chuska Mountains (1.96 MB PDF)
    — John W. Blagbrough, pp. 70-77.
  7. The uranium deposits of the Lukachukai Mountains, Arizona (1.88 MB PDF)
    — William L. Chenoweth, pp. 78-85.
  8. Second day road log from Gallup through the Zuni Mountains to Thoreau and return to Gallup via Smith Lake, Mariano Lake, and Pinedale
    — Charles B. Reed, Clay T. Smith, J. Paul Fitzsimmons, and Larry L. Werts, pp. 97-118.
  9. Precambrian rocks of the Zuni Mountains (826 KB PDF)
    — J. Paul Fitzsimmons, pp. 119-121.
  10. The Chinle (Upper Triassic) megaflora of the Zuni Mountains, New Mexico (1.52 MB PDF)
    — Sidney R. Ash, pp. 125-131.
  11. Jurassic stratigraphy of the north flank of the Zuni Mountains (1.31 MB PDF)
    — Clay T. Smith, pp. 132-137.
  12. The Morrison Formation in the Gallup region (1.63 MB PDF)
    — Alva E. Saucier, pp. 138-144.
  13. The history of Fort Wingate
    — Harold L. James, pp. 151-158.
  14. Third day road log from Fort Wingate to Bibo via Prewitt. Ambrosia Lake, Milan, Grants, Laguna, and Paguate
    — Charles B. Reed, Larry L. Werts, Dale F. Kittel, and William M. Reed, pp. 159-169.
  15. Dakota Sandstone-Tres Hermanos relationship, southern San Juan basin area (967 KB PDF)
    — Robert G. Marvin, pp. 170-172.
  16. Uranium deposits of the Grants region (2.65 MB PDF)
    — Dale F. Kittel, V. C. Kelley, and P. E. Melancon, pp. 173-183.
  17. The AEC and the Grants mineral belt (959 KB PDF)
    — Smith, M. Clifford, Jr., pp. 184-187.
  18. Geomorphology and structure in the Grants mineral belt (1.36 MB PDF)
    — Robert A. Laverty, pp. 188-194.
  19. The Mount Taylor volcanic field: A digest of the literature (1.67 MB PDF)
    — John W. Shomaker, pp. 195-201.
  20. Road log from Albuquerque to Gallup, New Mexico, along U.S. Highway 66 and Interstate 40
    — Baltz, Elmer H., Jr., I. J. Rapaport, C. Silver, C. T. Smith, and S. W. West, pp. 203-214.
  21. Road log from Gallup to Albuquerque on U. S. Highway 66 (Interstate 40)
    — Baltz, Elmer H., Jr., pp. 215-224.