New Mexico Geological Society
Fall Field Conference Guidebook – 67
The Geology of the Belen Area


Bonnie A. Frey, Karl E. Karlstrom, Spencer G. Lucas, Shannon Williams, Kate Zeigler, Virginia McLemore & Dana S. Ulmer-Scholle, [editors]
2016, 512 pages.

The Belen area is uniquely situated along the Rio Grande rift; with the Basin and Range not far to the west and the Great Plains not far to the east, the geology here is diverse. The focus of this guidebook extends from Bernardo to Los Lunas and from the Manzano Mountains to the mesas west of the Rio Puerco. Many people travel this central New Mexico corridor along I-25, and this guidebook will provide a broad look at the geology in and around Belen. Topics include the southern Albuquerque Basin and the underlying structure relative to the Rio Grande rift flanks; tectonic events and metamorphic processes related to the Priest pluton emplacement in the Manzano Mountains; a late Paleozoic Lagerstätten uncovered in Carrizo Arroyo in the western mesas; and the travertine rock record and its modern-day analog. These topics are only a glimpse of what can be found in this guidebook’s five roadlogs, 28 papers, and 16 color plates.

There are two versions of this guidebook available, the complete guidebook (512 pages), and a version with just the road logs that is spiral bound (172 pages).

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Table of Contents:

Note —Downloads of the papers below are free. Road logs, mini-papers, and some other sections of recent guidebooks are only available in print.

Roadlogs: (each includes listed mini-papers)

Day 0 East Road Log : Sevilleta National Wildlife Refuge Visitor Center to Bernardo, across the Rio Grande, to the east side of the refuge between Black Butte and Cibola Drainage, southwest of the Los Pinos Mountains
— D.W. Love, B.D. Allen, A.J. Rinehart, B.A. Frey, S.G. Lucas, P.A. Scholle, D.S. Ulmer-Scholle, and S.C. Hook, pp. 1-22. [SUMMARY]


Grants obsidian in the Ceja formation beneath the Llano de Albuquerque south of Belen
— John D. Young and David W. Love, pp. 22-24.
Many paths to enlightenment in a feature-challenged landscape; influence of Abo drainage on geomorphology across the southeastern Albuquerque Basin during Quaternary time
— Dave W. Love and Alex J. Rinehart, pp. 25-27.
Triassic-Jurassic stratigraphy on the Becker SW quadrangle and vicinity, Socorro County, New Mexico
— Spencer G. Lucas, Bruce D. Allen, and David W. Love, pp. 27-31.
Biostratigraphic importance of the small, isolated exposure of the upper Cretaceous Dakota sandstone at Canyon View, Palo Duro Canyon, Sevilleta Nationional Wildlife Refuge, New Mexico
— Stephen C. Hook, pp. 31-32.
Pennsylvanian strata in the Los Pinos Mountains
— Bruce D. Allen, Spencer G. Lucas, Karl Krainer, and David W. Love, pp. 33-34.
Phylloid algal bioherms in the Atrasado formation near Cibola Springs
— Peter A. Scholle and Dana S. Ulmer-Scholle, pp. 35-36.
Day 0- West road log: Sevilleta west: Pre-meeting road log from Sevilleta National Wildlife Refuge visitor center to San Acacia, Cerritos de las Minas, west Mesa, and San Lorenzo Spring
— R.M. Chamberlin, D.W. Love, B.J. Harrison, V.W. Lueth, B.A. Frey, S. Williams, and S.D. Connell, pp. 37-58. [SUMMARY]


An 40Ar/39Ar age and paleogeographic setting for the Riley Travertine, Socorro County, New Mexico
— Virgil W. Lueth, Richard Chamberlin, Lisa Peters, and David W. Love, pp. 58-61.
Day 1 road log: The Rio Grande Rift, the southern Albuquerque Basin and the southern Manzano Mountains
— D.W. Love, K.E. Karlstrom, B.A. Frey, Lucas, S.G., Williams, S., P. Miller, M. Holland, M.L. Williams, M Heizler, and T. Grambling, pp. 63-82. [SUMMARY]


A geologic summary of the Llano de Albuquerque: A diachronous ~1.5-1.65 (?) Ma geomorphic surface complex marking the cessation of Santa Fe Group deposition in the western Albuquerque Basin
— David J. McCraw, pp. 83-85.
The drainage area, basic hydrology and basic geology of the Abo Arroyo
— David W. Love and Alex J. Rinehart, pp. 85-88.
The Belen cutoff
— Bonnie A. Frey, Paul Zeigler, and Ann Zeigler, pp. 88-89.
The historical Belen Harvey House and Museum
— Jamie Petersen, pp. 90-91.
Pennsylvanian stratigraphy in the Manzano Mountains, New Mexico
— Spencer G. Lucas, Karl Krainer, and Bruce D. Allen, pp. 91-94.
Mineral resources in the Manzano Mountains mining district, Torrance and Valencia Counties, New Mexico
— Virginia T. McLemore, pp. 94-95.
Cleanup of petroleum contaminated soil at the former Midway grocery gasoline station in Jarales, New Mexico
— Susan Von Gonten, Michael D. McVey, and Gundar Peterson, pp. 95-96.
Day 2 Road Log: Carrizo Arroyo and San Jose Gorge
— B.A. Frey, K.E. Karlstrom, S.G. Lucas, J. Ricketts, M. Channer, P.L. Miller, N. Dunbar, S. Williams, and D. McCraw, pp. 97-111. [SUMMARY]


An overview of Hidden Mountain: Geology, archaeology, and the mystery stone
— David J. McCraw, pp. 112-114.
Chinle Group (upper Triassic) limestone at Carrizo Spring, Valencia county, New Mexico
— Spencer G. Lucas and Lawrence H. Tanner, pp. 114-116.
The Red Tanks formation (upper Pennsylvanian-lower Permian) in Sierra Lucero, New Mexico: A brief summary and history of study
— Barry S. Kues, pp. 116-118.
Day 3 Road Log: New Mexico travertine quarries and Salado Arroyo Carbonic Spring
— L.C. Crossey, K. Karlstrom, A. Priewisch, J Ricketts, B.A. Frey, S.G. Lucas, D. McCraw, A. Williams, P.L. Miller, J. Lardner, and V. Blomgren, pp. 119-127. [SUMMARY]


New Mexico traverine operations
— Virginia T. McLemore, pp. 127-128.
Springs along the western Albuquerque Basin, New Mexico
— Erwin A. Melis, pp. 128-130.


Proterozoic magmatism and regional contact metamorphism in the Sandia-Manzano Mountains, New Mexico, USA (1.57 MB PDF)
— Tyler A. Grambling, Karl E. Karlstrom, Mark E. Holland, and Nadine L. Grambling, pp. 169-175. [ABSTRACT]
U-Pb Monazite and 40Ar/39Ar data supporting polyphase tectonism in the Manzano Mountains: a record of both the Mazatzal (1.66-1.60 Ga) and Picuris (1.45 Ga) Orogenies (3.49 MB PDF)
— Karl E. Karlstrom, Michael L. Williams, Matthew T. Heizler, Mark E. Holland, Tyler A. Grambling, and Jeff M. Amato, pp. 177-184. [ABSTRACT]
Tectonic evolution of the Lucero Uplift (4.60 MB PDF)
— Jason W. Ricketts, Karl E. Karlstrom, and Matthew T. Heizler, pp. 185-194. [ABSTRACT]
Processes controlling the development of the Rio Grande Rift at long timescales (3.46 MB PDF)
— Jason W. Ricketts, Karl E. Karlstrom, and Matthew T. Heizler, pp. 195-202. [ABSTRACT]
Surface uplift due to thermal expansion around the Socorro Magma Body: preliminary results (2.96 MB PDF)
— Jolante van Wijk, Gary Axen, Rediet Abera, and S. Yao, pp. 217-223. [ABSTRACT]
Anatomy of a strong and prolonged Rio Grande Rift earthquake swarm (7.07 MB PDF)
— Alan R. Sanford and Hans E. Hartse, pp. 225-233. [ABSTRACT]
The Pennsylvanian section at Priest Canyon, southern Manzano Mountains, New Mexico (27.62 MB PDF)
— Spencer G. Lucas, Karl Krainer, and Daniel Vachard, pp. 275-301. [ABSTRACT]
Pennsylvanian-Permian boundary at Carrizo Arroyo, central New Mexico (3.09 MB PDF)
— Lucas, Spencer G., Barrick, James E., Krainer, Karl , Schneider, Jorg W., pp. 303-311. [ABSTRACT]
The Permian system at Abo Pass, central New Mexico (USA) (35.09 MB PDF)
— Spencer G. Lucas, Karl Krainer, Charles G. Oviatt, Daniel Vachard, David S. Berman, and Amy C. Henrici, pp. 313-350. [ABSTRACT]
Megaflora and palynoflora associated with a late Pennsylvanian coal bed (Bursum Formation, Carrizo Arroyo, New Mexico, U.S.A.) and paleoenvironmental significance (11.00 MB PDF)
— William A. DiMichele, Joerg W. Schneider, Spencer G. Lucas, Cortland F. Eble, Howard J. Falcon-Lang, Cindy V. Looy, W. John Nelson, Scott D. Elrick, and Dan S. Chaney, pp. 351-368. [ABSTRACT]
On the origin of carbonate nodules in the Bursum Formation at Cibola Spring, Socorro County, New Mexico (15.35 MB PDF)
— Peter A. Scholle, Marcelle BouDagher-Fadel, Dana S. Ulmer-Scholle, and David W. Love, pp. 369-376. [ABSTRACT]
Carrizo Arroyo, central New Mexico - a new late Palaeozoic taphotype of arthropod Fossillagerstätte (8.72 MB PDF)
— Joerg W. Schneider, Spencer G. Lucas, Steffen Trumper, Christiane Stanulla, and Karl Krainer, pp. 377-386. [ABSTRACT]
Identifying the sources of CO2 in carbonic springs in the Albuquerque-Belen Basin (3.26 MB PDF)
— Valerie Blomgren, Amy Williams, Laura Crossey, Karl Karlstrom, and Fraser Goff, pp. 419-427. [ABSTRACT]
New insights on the late Pleistocene Rio Grande-Rio Chama fluvial system from detrital zircon dating (3.62 MB PDF)
— Marissa Repasch, Karl Karlstrom, Matt Heizler, and Daniel Koning, pp. 479-489. [ABSTRACT]

Recommended Guidebook Citation:

  1. Frey, Bonnie A.; Karlstrom, Karl E. ; Lucas, Spencer G.; Williams, Shannon; Zeigler, Kate; McLemore, Virginia; Ulmer-Scholle, Dana S., 2016, Guidebook 67 - Geology of the Belen Area, New Mexico Geological Society, Guidebook, 67th Annual Field Conference, 512 pp. ISBN: 978-1-58546-104-2