Geophysical anomalies in southwestern New Mexico
— Michael V. DeAngelo and G. Randy Keller


Gravity and aeromagnetic data have been compiled for southwestern New Mexico and surrounding areas. A series of maps has been prepared using various filter parameters. These maps display many relationships of geological importance. The preliminary analysis reported here suggests that the Laramide Burro uplift was an extensive feature and that early and late Cenozoic structures can be differentiated on the basis of strike filtering.

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Recommended Citation:

  1. DeAngelo, Michael V.; Keller, G. Randy, 1988, Geophysical anomalies in southwestern New Mexico, in: Cretaceous and Laramide tectonic evolution of southwestern New Mexico, Mack, G. H.; Lawton, T. F.; Lucas, S. G., New Mexico Geological Society, Guidebook, 39th Field Conference, pp. 71-75.

[see guidebook]