Saline ground water in the Tularosa Basin, New Mexico
— J. S. McLean


The saline water in the Tularosa Basin has recently become of interest as a source of feed water for desalting plants. A study of this resource has been conducted by the U.S. Geological Survey for the Office of Saline Water (McLean, 1970). Some of the many previous studies include those of Conover and others (1955), Cooper (1965), Herrick and Davis (1965), and Garza and McLean (1972). Other studies and test drilling for White Sands Missile Range have provided data on the extent of the saline water zones.

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  1. McLean, J. S., 1975, Saline ground water in the Tularosa Basin, New Mexico, in: Las Cruces Country, Seager, William R.; Clemons, Russell E.; Callender, Jonathan F., New Mexico Geological Society, Guidebook, 26th Field Conference, pp. 237-238.

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