Tectonic significance of the Pony Hills, Luna County, New Mexico
— LeRoy L. Corbitt and Fred L. Nials


The Pony Hills are in the Mexican Highlands section of the Basin and Range province in north-central Luna County, New Mexico about 12 mi northeast of Deming between Cookes Range and Fluorite Ridge (Fig. 1).

Some of the major structures and stratigraphic features of the area were observed by Darton (1916, 1917) during mapping for the Deming Folio. Jicha (1954) and Elston (1957) mapped the northern part of Cookes Range. Griswold (1961) mapped and described the geology of Fluorite Ridge. The state geologic map (Dane and Bachman, 1961) follows Darton's interpretation of the geology in the Pony Hills area.

Financial support for this report was provided by Eastern New Mexico Institutional Research funds.

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  1. Corbitt, LeRoy L.; Nials, Fred L., 1975, Tectonic significance of the Pony Hills, Luna County, New Mexico, in: Las Cruces Country, Seager, William R.; Clemons, Russell E.; Callender, Jonathan F., New Mexico Geological Society, Guidebook, 26th Field Conference, pp. 293-296. https://doi.org/10.56577/FFC-26.293

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