The San Bernadino volcanic field of southeastern Arizona
— D. J. Lynch


The San Bernardino volcanic field, a late Cenozoic, multivent basaltic volcanic field, occupies the northern third of San Bernardino Valley in southeastern Cochise County, Arizona, and adjoining parts of Hidalgo County, New Mexico and Sonora, Mexico (fig. 1). The volcanic features are scattered across the valley floor and onto the flanks of the Peloncillo Mountains to the east and the Perilla, Pedregosa and Chiricahua mountains to the west. The extensive lava flow in the Animas Valley to the east, beyond the Peloncillo Mountains, is related to this field because of its proximity, chemistry and age.

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  1. Lynch, D. J., 1978, The San Bernadino volcanic field of southeastern Arizona, in: Land of Cochise, Callender, J. F.; Wilt, Jan C.; Clemons, R. E.; James, H. L., New Mexico Geological Society, Guidebook, 29th Field Conference, pp. 261-268.

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