Scenes from the past--V
— William L. Hiss


The Fifth Field Conference sponsored by the New Mexico Geological Society began in Alamogordo, October 21, 1954, covered the Sacramento and Guadalupe mountains in south-eastern New Mexico, and disbanded near Guadalupe Peak in west Texas on October 24.
Rex Alcorn, then with Sun Oil Company and now an Independent, was General Chairman. (See photo, NMGS Guide-book 26, p. 79; Rex was subsequently President of NMGS in 1958 and always an enthusiastic supporter of various activities.) He comments—"It is indeed nostalgic to flip the pages of the guidebook covering the Sacramento and Guadalupe mountains of southeastern New Mexico and note the still familiar names of officers and committee members: Stipp, Helmig, Milks, Bejnar, Pray, Fagadau, Meyer, Clark, Bruce, Matchus, Bachman, Sheldon, Jones, De Benedetti, Bradley, Greve, Simon, Belknap, Clifton, Oliver, McNulty, Kassube, Buzzalini, Davis, Bybee and several others. One name was omitted from the guidebook pages and should be mentioned at long last. Frank Podpechan stepped forward after press time and contributed much to the success of this venture. Frank is now in Tulsa as President of Petroleum Reserve Corporation and doing very well. Frank relieved me of many concerns during the trip, and it's gratifying to have the chance to so note.

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  1. Hiss, William L., 1978, Scenes from the past--V, in: Land of Cochise, Callender, J. F.; Wilt, Jan C.; Clemons, R. E.; James, H. L., New Mexico Geological Society, Guidebook, 29th Field Conference, pp. 353-356.

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