Methane in Cretaceous and Paleocene coals of western Colorado
— C. M. Tremain, D. L. Boreck, and B. S. Kelso


Western Colorado is the site of coal, oil, and natural gas development in three principal areas: the San Juan River, the Uinta, and the Green River Regions (fig. 1). Evidence is accumulating that some of the coals in these regions both act as a source and potential reservoir for natural gas (methane). This paper details some of the evidence and describes work being done by the Colorado Geological Survey (CGS) to estimate the methane resources of these regions.

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  1. Tremain, C. M.; Boreck, D. L.; Kelso, B. S., 1981, Methane in Cretaceous and Paleocene coals of western Colorado, in: Western slope Colorado--western Colorado and eastern Utah, Epis, Rudy C.; Callender, Jonathan F., New Mexico Geological Society, Guidebook, 32nd Field Conference, pp. 241-248.

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