Triassic vertebrates from east-central New Mexico in the Yale Peabody Museum
— Spencer G. Lucas, Adrian P. Hunt, and Christopher Bennett


Although Triassic vertebrate fossils have been collected in east-central New Mexico for more than a century, very little has been published on the Triassic vertebrate paleontology of this part of the state. Perhaps the largest collection of Triassic vertebrate fossils from east-central New Mexico is that made under the direction of Joseph T. Gregory for the Yale Peabody Museum (YPM) in 1947 and 1958. This collection includes specimens from the upper shale member of the Chinle Formation (Kelley, 1972) and the Redonda Member of the Chinle Formation (Dobrovolny and Summerson, 1946; Griggs and Read, 1959). Although Gregory (1953, 1962, 1972, 1980) briefly mentioned and/or described and illustrated a few specimens from this collection, no extensive report on the YPM collection has appeared. Although this paper is not an extensive report, it does document the provenance of the YPM collection and describes and illustrates some representative specimens.

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  1. Lucas, Spencer G.; Hunt, Adrian P.; Bennett, Christopher, 1985, Triassic vertebrates from east-central New Mexico in the Yale Peabody Museum, in: Santa Rosa-Tucumcari region, Lucas S. G.; Zidek, J., New Mexico Geological Society, Guidebook, 36th Field Conference, pp. 199-203.

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