Geology and mineralization of the Kingston mining district, New Mexico
— Peter A. Sanders and Thomas H. Giordano


The Kingston district, mined in the past for Ag, Zn, Pb, Cu, and Mn, is located in Sierra County, on the east flank of the southern Black Range. Mapping on a scale of 1:24,000 has revealed a complete stratigraphic section from Precambrian to Permian. These rocks are the dominant units exposed within the district. Other major exposures include Tertiary volcanic rocks which overlie the Permian and older rocks, and Tertiary rhyolite and andesite intrusives which invade all rock units stratigraphically below the lower Oligocene Kneeling Nun Tuff. Major structural features within the Kingston mining district demonstrate that the district is situated on the eastern structural margin of the Emory cauldron. Base- and precious-metal mineralization is typically hosted by lower Paleozoic carbonate rocks and appears to be controlled on a district scale by two  major structural-margin faults of the Emory cauldron. Mineralization in the district occurs as vein and replacement  deposits, with the strongest mineralization occurring in proximity to quartz fissure or shear zones composed of brecciated and silicified carbonate rocks. There appears to be a general district-wide zonation; to the south and west deposits are rich in copper, while to the north and east manganese-mineral assemblages predominate. Primary ore and gangue mineralogy throughout the district is simple, With pyrite, sphalerite, chalcopyrite, galena, and acanthite being the dominant sulfides and quartz, calcite, and rhodochrosite being the dominant non-sulfide gangue minerals. Geologic and petrologic data suggest that mineralization was post-cauldron or, at the earliest, contemporaneous with cauldron development, and that movement of fluids and localization of the ore were controlled by the structural-margin fracture system of the Emory cauldron.

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  1. Sanders, Peter A.; Giordano, Thomas H., 1986, Geology and mineralization of the Kingston mining district, New Mexico, in: Truth or Consequences region, Clemons, R. E.; King, W. E.; Mack, G. H., New Mexico Geological Society, Guidebook, 37th Field Conference, pp. 287-292.

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