Petroleum exploration in Socorro County
— Ronald F. Broadhead


Thirty-two petroleum test wells have been drilled in Socorro County since exploration began in 1923 (table 1, fig. 1). None of the 32 tests resulted in production. Eight wells have been drilled since the New Mexico Geological Society last published a list of Socorro County petroleum tests (New Mexico Geological Society, 1963). Drilling has been concentrated in three parts of Socorro County: the Acoma basin in the northwest part of the county, a north-trending band along the Rio Grande valley in the central part of the county, and a large anticline in eastern Socorro County. The general stratigraphy of Socorro County is outlined in Table 2.

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Recommended Citation:

  1. Broadhead, Ronald F., 1983, Petroleum exploration in Socorro County, in: Socorro region II, Chapin, C. E., New Mexico Geological Society, Guidebook, 34th Field Conference, pp. 219-222.

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