Ground-water resources of Santa Fe County
— Lee Wilson and D. N. Jenkins


Except for one detailed study of the Santa Fe area (Spiegel and Baldwin, 1963), most of the information on ground water in Santa Fe country is site-specific, or if regional, rather generalized. Ongoing research by the U.S. Geological Survey is expected to provide a more comprehensive discussion of the regional ground-water resources within a few years (Mourant, 1979). The available information on ground water in both Santa Fe and Taos counties has been summarized in recent reports which have not been circulated widely (Wilson and others, 1978a,b). Most of this article is extracted directly from the two county reports, which collectively contain several hundred pages on water-related subjects. The extracts have been selected to highlight areas of controversy, especially related to the water supply of the city of Santa Fe and environs.

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  1. Wilson, Lee; Jenkins, D. N., 1979, Ground-water resources of Santa Fe County, in: Santa Fe Country, Ingersoll, Raymond V.; Woodward, Lee A.; James, H. L., New Mexico Geological Society, Guidebook, 30th Field Conference, pp. 293-298.

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