Structural framework of the southern Raton Basin, New Mexico
— Lee A. Woodward and D. O. Snyder


This paper is a discussion to accompany the "Tectonic map of the southern Raton Basin, New Mexico" (in pocket). The Raton Basin extends about 300 km northward from Las Vegas, New Mexico into southern Colorado; that part of the basin in New Mexico is about 160 km long and is 100 km wide at the Colorado border (Fig. 1). This is one of the easternmost basins of the Laramide Rocky Mountain foreland and its eastern limb merges with gentle arches on the western edge of the craton.

There are two parts to the southern Raton Basin, the Las Vegas sub-basin at the south end and the main part of the Raton Basin extending northward from Cimarron, New Mexico. For the purposes of this report both parts are referred to as the Raton Basin.

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  1. Woodward, Lee A.; Snyder, D. O., 1976, Structural framework of the southern Raton Basin, New Mexico, in: Vermejo Park, Ewing, Rodney C.; Kues, Barry S., New Mexico Geological Society, Guidebook, 27th Field Conference, pp. 125-127.

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