Rattlesnake Spring


Conference leaders Lewis Land and Kate Zeigler enjoy the sun and surf at Rattlesnake Spring with Jessica Hubbling, Zeke Salaz, Marine Foucher, Bill McIntosh and Nelia Dunbar (from left to right).

Image taken: 10/06/2023
by: Bonnie Frey
© 2023

Longitude: -104.457733179
Latitude: 32.1071661932
  (WGS 84 or NAD 83)

Camera Details

SONY DSC-RX10M4 8.8-220.0 mm f/2.4-4.0 Exposure: 47.94 mm (35mm equiv: 131mm) f/5.6 1/999 sec ISO 100.

Image posted: 10-12-2023