Contribute Banner Images

The images in the banner of our website highlight interesting geological features in New Mexico, particularly those visited during our Fall Field Conferences. For some of our pages, the random assortment of images is related thematically to the section or page being visited. If you click on any of our banner images, you will see a larger version of that image with descriptive information and perhaps links to more information.

If you have a great image of a geological feature in New Mexico that you would like to see on our site, please contact us via the comments link below. We can display your name, copyright information, use restrictions, and a link to your website along with your image.

If you do send us an image, we'll need:

  • An image that is 1000 pixels wide (or wider)
  • An overlay image that is the same size as the image above with annotations explaining features (optional)
  • Image title
  • Caption (optional)
  • Your name
  • Copyright details (you implicitly give us permission to post your image by submitting it)
  • Image date or year (optional)
  • Use restrictions (if any)
  • Keywords (optional)
  • Description explaining the geological significance of the image (can include links)
  • Image location: (optional)
    • Lat/Long (decimal degrees preferred) or UTM
    • Location description and/or directions

You can retain copyright for your images. We will not use your images for any other purpose without your permission, and you can request that your images be removed from our website at any time.