NMGS 2022 Scholarship Recipients Announced

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— May 3, 2022

The New Mexico Geological Society (NMGS) supports geoscience students in New Mexico and their research in several ways, including memberships, scholarships, awards, and subsidies that typically exceed $50,000 per year. Funds for these awards are administered by the NMGS Foundation with an endowment established from generous contributions by several benefactors and from our membership.

NMGS has awarded $40,525 to students in calendar year 2022: $3,675 for student memberships and registrations for the 2022 Spring Meeting and $36,850 for 2022 Grants-in-Aid, Research Awards, Graduate Mentorships, and Undergraduate Awards.

Please join us in congratulating all our award winners in 2022:


The New Mexico Geological Society (NMGS) congratulates the following students for being awarded 2022 Grants-in-Aid, Research Awards, and Graduate Mentorships. NMGS grant, research, and mentorship awards are awarded through a competitive process to undergraduate and graduate students enrolled in New Mexico institutions whose proposed projects are located in New Mexico.

Frank E. Kottlowski Research Award and Cearley Geochronology Award

  • Cameron Edward Reed — UNM
    Bedrock Incision History of the Rio Grande and Pecos River Systems of Northern New Mexico

James and Susan Cearley Grants-In-Aid Award and Cearley Geochronology Award

  • Jacob Rodriguez Gehrz — NMT
    The Rio Grande River: Age and Evolution of Fluvial Integration
  • Mason Nickalas Woodard — NMT
    Re-evaulating the emplacement history of the Cornudas Mountains

Lucille H. Pipkin Undergraduate Research Award

  • Paulina Burnside — NMSU
    Table Mountain as a Stratigraphic Reference for the Mogollon-Datil Volcanic Field
  • Ethan Brady Haft — NMT
    Comparing extension-related rare earth element deposits: Oligocene Gallinas fluorite veins and Cambrian-Ordovician Lemitar carbonatites

Lucille H. Pipkin Undergraduate Research Award and Cearley Geochronology Award

  • Nicole Joy Salladin — NMSU
    Detrital Zircon Dating of the Mazatzal Province

Graduate Grant-In-Aid

  • Megan Nicole Badonie — NMT
    REE in the coal and associated strata in the San Juan and Raton Basins, New Mexico
  • Stellah Cherotich — NMT
    Characterization and Origin of the REE-bearing Magmatic-hydrothermal breccia pipes in the Gallinas Mountains, Lincoln County, New Mexico
  • Daniel Lavery — UNM
    Origin and Fate of Sulfur in the Sulphur Creek Catchment, Valles Caldera, New Mexico: Implications for Trace Metal Transport and Water Quality
  • Rebecca Claire Moskal — NMT
    Modeling Sediment Transport in the Arroyo de los Pinos
  • Kambray Annika Townsend — UNM
    Hydrochemisry of an alpine karst system, northern New Mexico: Las Huertas

Graduate Grant-In-Aid and Cearley Geochronology Award

  • Lee Hayden Hughes — NMSU
    The Evolution of the Uvas Volcanic Field: Using Geochronology and Geochemistry to Test for Changes in Mantle Sources Related to Extension
  • Ethan James Schneider — NMSU
    Constraining the Oligo-Miocene transition from endorheic (closed basin) rift sedimentation during the earliest stages of the ancestral Rio Grande river south-central New Mexico

Graduate Grant-In-Aid and Graduate Mentorship Award

  • Loc Luong — NMT
    Sediment transport in ephemeral channels: Validation of physics-based model and development of data-driven model


Every year the New Mexico Geological Society (NMGS) awards the Lucille H. Pipkin Senior Scholarship and Lucille H. Pipkin Book Scholarships to undergraduate students at New Mexico universities and colleges. Please join us in celebrating this outstanding undergraduates at NM educational institutions.

Lucille H. Pipkin Outstanding Senior Award

  • Eastern New Mexico University:
    • Lydia Barron
  • Navajo Technical University:
    • Randy Largo
  • New Mexico Tech:
    • Kyle Gallant
  • New Mexico State University
    • Charles "Trey" Wisecup
  • University of New Mexico:
    • Makena Halen

Lucille H. Pipkin Book Scholarship, Universities

  • Eastern New Mexico University:
    • Madison Alcorn
    • Erin Encinas
  • Navajo Technical University:
    • Kirby Morris
    • Jared Pino
    • Chase Bebo
  • New Mexico Tech:
    • Kenyan Phlieger
    • Victoria Jones
    • Dylan Nafus
  • New Mexico State University:
    • Xtopher Trujillo
    • Katie Allbright
    • Alejandra Ruiz-Mendiola
  • University of New Mexico:
    • Bianca Solano
    • Monique Howlett

Lucille H. Pipkin Book Scholarship, Community Colleges

  • Central New Mexico Community College:
    • Lilly Porter
    • Ryan White
    • Ian Straight
  • Dona Ana Community College:
    • Travis Gill
  • Mesalands Community College:
    • Austin M. Gorton
    • Ethan W. Bartlett
    • Tristan C. Rolfing
  • New Mexico State University - Grants:
    • Rosalee Sala
  • San Juan College:
    • Serena Lewis
    • Myles Sterrett
  • Southwestern Indian Polytechnic Institute:
    • Arron Moultine
  • University of New Mexico - Taos:
    • Kan Namba
    • Kayl Raine
    • Courtney Heath


The New Mexico Geological Society (NMGS) congratulates the following students for this outstanding presentations at the 2022 NMGS Spring Meeting.

Outstanding Posters

  • Ethan Williams — NMT
    Quantifying groundwater to surface water exchanges in the Belen reach of the MRGCD
  • Abigail Rose Brown — NMT
    Extremophilic Microorganisms From Sulfur-rich Spring and Fumaroles in the Valles Caldera Volcanic Complex, NM

Outstanding Oral Presentations

  • Spencer Staley — UNM
    Stoneman Lake, AZ Sediments Archive SW North America Surface Process Over the Last Two Glacial Cycles
  • Zoe Haylena — NMT
    Gypsum Sediments in Lehman Caves, Great Basin National Park, NV USA