New Mexico Geological Society
Fall Field Conference Guidebook - 16
Southwestern New Mexico II


J. Paul Fitzsimmons and Christina L. Balk, eds., 1965, 244 pages.

The Sixteenth Field Conference will be confined to the Mexican Highland section of the Basin and Range province and the Datil section of the Colorado Plateau. The first day's caravan route starts in the Mexican Highland section, following the Rio Grande depression, with an excursion onto the Jornada del Muerto plain, into the Rincon-Palomas valley. After crossing a remnant of the Palomas basin surface, the Goodsight Mountains and the Nutt basin, the route traverses the southeastern prong of the Datil section from near Lake Valley to Dwyer in the Mimbres Valley. The route then continues to the City of Rocks and on to Silver City. Most of the second day will be spent in the Datil section in the Upper Gila and Mimbres River basins. In addition to the spectacular vistas of the plateaus, peaks and ranges of the Datil section, striking features seen on the first and second days of the conference will be the stepped sequence of geomorphic surfaces flanking the Rio Grande, the Mimbres and Gila rivers, and their tributaries. The third and final day will be spent in the Mexican Highland section in the southern New Mexico-Arizona border areas. The caravan will cross the Burro Mountains uplifts, the Lordsburg and Animas valleys (site of Pleistocene Lake Animas), the Peloncillo Range, and San Simon Valley. The conference will end on the east flanks of the Chiricahua Mountains in an area of classic Basin and Range geology and geomorphology.

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Table of Contents:

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Front Matter: (includes Dedication, President's Message, & Conference Organizer's Message)

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Roadlogs: (each includes listed mini-papers)

Road log from Las Cruces to Nutt
— John W. Hawley and F. E. Kottlowski, pp. 15-27.
Road log from Nutt to Hillsboro
— Bob Donegan and F. E. Kottlowski, pp. 27-30.
Road log from Hillsboro to Mimbres Valley, New Mexico
— Frederick J. Kuellmer and F. E. Kottlowski, pp. 31-35.
Road log from Mimbres Valley to Silver City
— Wolfgang E. Elston and T. A. Netelbeek, pp. 36-43.
Road log to Cameron Creek laccolith
— W. P. Pratt and W. R. Jones, pp. 43-44.
Road log from Silver City to junction of New Mexico Highways 61 and 90
— Wolfgang E. Elston, R. H. Weber, and F. D. Trauger, pp. 45-62.
Road log from Mimbres Valley to Silver City, New Mexico
— W. H. Balltosser, pp. 62-66.
Road log from Silver City to Lordsburg
— Frederick D. Trauger and T. A. Netelbeek, pp. 67-76.
Road log from Lordsburg to San Simon Valley
— John W. Hawley and F. E. Kottlowski, pp. 76-81.
Exit road log from Blue Mountain to Lordsburg
— John W. Hawley and F. E. Kottlowski, pp. 84-91.
Exit road log from Lordsburg to Las Cruces
— Harold L. James and William B. McCall, pp. 86-91.


Early Paleozoic of New Mexico (3.99 MB PDF)
— Rousseau H. Flower, pp. 112-131.
Some geological features of the Santa Rita quadrangle, New Mexico (2.08 MB PDF)
— Robert M. Hernon, W. R. Jones, and S. L. Moore, pp. 175-183.
Maare of La Mesa (1.47 MB PDF)
— Rene A. De Hon, pp. 204-209.
Mining districts of Hidalgo County, New Mexico (1.23 MB PDF)
— Wolfgang E. Elston, pp. 210-214.
New Mexico's southwest (969 KB PDF)
— Paige W. Christiansen, pp. 230-233.

Recommended Guidebook Citation:

  1. Fitzsimmons, J. P.; Balk, C. L.; [eds.], 1965, Southwestern New Mexico II, New Mexico Geological Society, Guidebook, 16th Annual Field Conference, 244 pp.