New Mexico Geological Society
Fall Field Conference Guidebook - 39
Cretaceous and Laramide Tectonic Evolution of Southwestern New Mexico


Greg H. Mack, Timothy F. Lawton and Spencer G. Lucas, eds, 1988, 216 pages.

On behalf of the Executive Committee and everyone who has contributed to this event, I wish to express my pleasure that you have elected to attend the thirty-ninth annual Fall Field Conference of the New Mexico Geological Society. I feel very confident that you will enjoy studying the geology of beautiful mountainous southwestern New Mexico during the three-day field symposium. Although the major emphasis of the conference will be on Cretaceous stratigraphy and Laramide tectonic evolution, a multitude of other geologic phenomena will be examined in road logs, technical papers, discussions and friendly disagreements. The first day focuses on the west flank of the Florida Mountains. The second day tour visits the northern end of the Little Hatchet Mountains, and the third day tours the north end of the Animas Mountains along the Continental Divide. There is also a supplemental road log from Hachita to Columbus and Deming.

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Table of Contents:

Note —Downloads of the papers below are free. Road logs mini-papers, maps, and other sections are only available in print.

  1. First-day road log: West flank of Florida Mountains
    — Russell E. Clemons and Greg H. Mack, pp. 1-14.
  2. Mini-papers:

  3. Earth fissures in the Deming area
    — Gregory J. Contaldo and Jerry E. Mueller, pp. 3-4.
  4. The "Deming Dinosaur" was a mammoth
    — Spencer G. Lucas, pp. 12-13.
  5. Second-day road log: Northern end of Little Hatchet Mountains
    — Russell E. Clemons and Greg H. Mack, pp. 15-25.
  6. Mini-papers:

  7. Klondike Hills, southwestern New Mexico: Evidence for Laramide strike-slip deformation
    — Michael G. Rupert, pp. 16-19.
  8. Third-day road log: Northern Animas Mountains
    — Russell E. Clemons, Greg H. Mack, and W. E. Elston, pp. 27-36.
  9. Supplemental road log: From Hachita to Columbus and Deming
    — Russell E. Clemons, pp. 37-41.
  10. Papers:

    Note — To download papers from this guidebook, you will need a PDF viewer like the free Adobe Acrobat Reader.

  11. Geology of southwestern New Mexico (2.08 MB PDF)
    — Russell E. Clemons and Greg H. Mack, pp. 45-57. [ABSTRACT]
  12. Tectonics of thrust and fold belt of northwestern Chihuahua (671 KB PDF)
    — L. L. Corbitt, pp. 67-70. [ABSTRACT]
  13. Geophysical anomalies in southwestern New Mexico (1.24 MB PDF)
    — Michael V. DeAngelo and G. Randy Keller, pp. 71-75. [ABSTRACT]
  14. An integrated geophysical study of the Knight Peak graben (990 KB PDF)
    — Keith Davis, Steven Harder, Roger W. Greensfelder, and James Ni, pp. 77-81. [ABSTRACT]
  15. Geochronologic studies of the Florida Mountains, New Mexico (1.37 MB PDF)
    — Ronald K. Matheney, Muhammad Shafiqullah, Douglas G. Brookins, Paul E. Damon, and E. Timothy Wallin, pp. 99-107. [ABSTRACT]
  16. Early Trans-Pecos magmatism: petrology and geochemistry of Eocene intrusive rocks in the El Paso area (1.31 MB PDF)
    — James D. Hoover, Susan E. Ensenat, Calvin G. Barnes, and R. Dyer, pp. 109-118. [ABSTRACT]
  17. Late Cenozoic basalts of southwestern New Mexico (570 KB PDF)
    — Jerry M. Hoffer, pp. 119-122. [ABSTRACT]
  18. The Cretaceous foreland basin in southwestern New Mexico (1.19 MB PDF)
    — Greg H. Mack, Joe A. Galemore, and Edward L. Kaczmarek, pp. 135-141. [ABSTRACT]
  19. Cretaceous stratigraphy and biostratigraphy, Cooke's Range, Luna County, New Mexico (3.81 MB PDF)
    — Spencer G. Lucas, Barry S. Kues, Steven N. Hayden, Bruce D. Allen, Kenneth K. Kietzke, Thomas E. Williamson, Paul Sealey, and Randy Pence, pp. 143-167. [ABSTRACT]
  20. Diagenesis of the fanglomerate of Little Florida Mountains (Miocene), southwestern New Mexico (1.37 MB PDF)
    — James M. Kiely and W. C. James, pp. 175-184. [ABSTRACT]
  21. Landform development of City of Rocks State Park and Giant of the Mimbres (1.08 MB PDF)
    — Jerry E. Mueller and C. R. Twidale, pp. 185-190. [ABSTRACT]
  22. Geothermal resources of southwestern New Mexico and southeastern Arizona (1.19 MB PDF)
    — James C. Witcher, pp. 191-197. [ABSTRACT]
  23. Geology and mineral deposits of the Gold Hills, Hidalgo and Grant Counties, New Mexico (1.11 MB PDF)
    — Robert D. Beard and Douglas G. Brookins, pp. 203-210. [ABSTRACT]
  24. Selenium geochemistry at Bosque del Apache Wildlife Refuge (883 KB PDF)
    — John L. Persico and Douglas G. Brookins, pp. 211-216. [ABSTRACT]