New Mexico Geological Society
Fall Field Conference Guidebook - 4
Southwestern New Mexico


Frank E. Kottlowski, ed, 1953, 153 pages, (Reprinted 1996).

The New Mexico Geological Society welcomes you to its Fourth Field Conference. We have enjoyed your participation in the first and second conference, which were along the margins of the San Juan Basin. Last year we lured you down the Rio Grande Valley, to view the mountain backbone of New Mexico. This year we wish you to examine the southern part of the Rio Grande Valley, and then to plunge into the rugged mountains and wide plains of the Basin and Range section of southwestern New Mexico. This portion of the state is a challenge to the petroleum geologist, the stratigrapher, the vulcanologist, and the mining geologist. The trip will take you through rich valleys, over timbered mountains, and across broad plains, with a maximum variety of geology and scenery. The first day road log is from El Paso to Las Cruces. The trip will illustrate the changes in thickness and facies of the Paleozoic formations and features of Cenozoic volcanic and sedimentary rocks include fossiliferous Miocene lake beds, huge xenoliths in tuffaceous rhyolite, volcanic cones and necks, and mineralized intrusions. The second day road log is from Las Cruces to Silver City via Selden Canyon, Radium Springs, Hatch, Hillsboro, Kingston, and San Lorenzo. The third day road log is through the Santa Rita and White signal districts. This trip will examine the regional geology of the Silver City region and a few of the numerous mining camps. The fourth day road log is from Silver City, New Mexico to Dos Cabezas, Arizona. This route traverses part of the Mexican Highlands section of the Basin and Range Province.

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Table of Contents:

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  1. Introduction (407 KB PDF)
    — Frank E. Kottlowski, pp. 8-9.
  2. Road log, Franklin Mountains and vicinity
    — Rousseau H. Flower, pp. 11-14.
  3. Mini-papers:

  4. Franklin Mountains section
    — Rousseau H. Flower, pp. 15-17.
  5. Road log from El Paso to Las Cruces
    — Frank E. Kottlowski, pp. 18-28.
  6. Road log from Las Cruces to Silver City
    — Frank E. Kottlowski, F. J. Kuellmer, and W. R. Jones, pp. 29-63.
  7. Road log, Santa Rita and White Signal district--Silver City to Hanover and Santa Rita, New Mexico
    — William R. Jones, pp. 64-82.
  8. Road log, Silver City, New Mexico, to Dos Cabezas, Arizona
    — Frank E. Kottlowski, pp. 83-105.
  9. Paleozoic sedimentary rocks of southwestern New Mexico (734 KB PDF)
    — Rousseau H. Flower, pp. 106-112.
  10. The history of petroleum exploration in southwestern New Mexico (513 KB PDF)
    — William M. Sandeen, pp. 112-116.
  11. Basin and range structure in southwestern New Mexico (328 KB PDF)
    — Eugene Callaghan, pp. 116-117.
  12. Some geological features of the Santa Rita quadrangle, New Mexico (1.08 MB PDF)
    — Robert M. Hernon, W. R. Jones, and S. L. Moore, pp. 117-130.
  13. Geology of the Santa Rita area (315 KB PDF)
    — G. J. Ballmer, pp. 130-131.
  14. The Tyrone district (380 KB PDF)
    — Frank J. Kleinhampl, pp. 131-133.
  15. White Signal uranium deposits (571 KB PDF)
    — Elliot G. Gillerman, pp. 133-137.
  16. Fluorite deposits of Burro Mountains and vicinity (323 KB PDF)
    — Elliot G. Gillerman, pp. 137-138.
  17. Summary of smaller mining districts in the Silver City region (509 KB PDF)
    — Robert M. Hernon, pp. 138-141.
  18. Recent investigations of radioactive occurrences in Sierra, Doña Ana, and Hidalgo Counties, New Mexico (318 KB PDF)
    — Boyd, Fred S., Jr. and Harold D. Wolfe, pp. 141-142.
  19. Lower Cretaceous stratigraphy of southwestern New Mexico (319 KB PDF)
    — Zeller, Robert A., Jr., pp. 142-143.
  20. Volcanic rocks of southwestern New Mexico (332 KB PDF)
    — Eugene Callaghan, pp. 143-144.
  21. Tertiary-Quaternary sediments of the Rio Grande Valley in southern New Mexico (577 KB PDF)
    — Frank E. Kottlowski, pp. 144-148.
  22. Measured sections near Dos Cabezas, Arizona (83 KB PDF)
    — S. M. Jones and W. D. Bacheller, pp. 149.