New Mexico Geological Society
Fall Field Conference Guidebook - 8
Southwestern San Juan Mountains, Colorado


Frank E. Kottlowski and Brewster Baldwin, eds., 1957, 258 pages.

The New Mexico Geological Society welcomes you to its Eighth Field Conference. Past field trips have been essentially within the confines of New Mexico, but this year we are visiting the San Juan Mountains of Colorado where the exposed rocks bear significantly on the geology of adjoining parts of our State. The first day road log is from Durango to Silverton with 9 stops along the Million Dollar Highway. The second day road log is from Silverton to Ouray and Ridgeway and return to Silverton. The third day road log is from Silverton to Eureka and return to Silverton. There is also an additional railroad log for the Denver & Rio Grande Western Railroad Silverton to Durango.

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Table of Contents:

Note —Downloads of the papers below are free. Road logs mini-papers, maps, and other sections are only available in print.


  1. Geology along the Million Dollar highway
    — Frank E. Kottlowski, pp. 14-22.
  2. Table of Pre-Quaternary bedded rocks in southwestern San Juan Mountains
    — F. Kottlowski, B. Baldwin, and W. Bejnar, pp. 23-26.
  3. Entrance road log, Albuquerque to Durango
    — Clay T. Smith, pp. 27-37.
  4. Road log for Thursday, September 5, 1957. Durango to Silverton
    — Kirtley F. Mather, Sherman A. Wnegerd, and D. L. Baars, pp. 39-52.
  5. Road log for Friday, September 6, 1957. Silverton to Red Mountain Pass to Ouray and Ridgway, and return to Silverton
    — Vincent C. Keley, James R. Hillebrand, Kirtley F. Mather, Robert G. Luedke, and and others, pp. 53-71.
  6. Road log from Silverton to Eureka and back to Silverton
    — Wilbur S. Burbank and Robert G. Luedke, pp. 72-74.
  7. Railroad log: The Denver and Rio Grande Western Railroad Silverton to Durango
    — Caswell Silver, pp. 75-90.
  8. Exit road log. Durango to Cortez
    — Jack C. Cooper, Donald Langston, Robert R. Smart, Bill . Street, and J. R. Bashard, pp. 91-94.
  9. Exit road log. Durango to Pagosa Springs
    — Harley Barnes, pp. 95-101.
  10. Papers:

    Note — To download papers from this guidebook, you will need a PDF viewer like the free Adobe Acrobat Reader.

  11. Geomorphology of the San Juan Mountains (1.01 MB PDF)
    — Kirtley F. Mather, pp. 102-108.
  12. Pre-Pennsylvanian stratigraphy of the San Juan Mountains and Four Corners area (2.94 MB PDF)
    — D. L. Baars and R. L. Knight, pp. 108-131.
  13. Permo-Pennsylvanian strata of the western San Juan Mountains, Colorado (1.12 MB PDF)
    — Sherman A. Wengerd, pp. 131-138.
  14. General geology and tectonics of the western San Juan Mountains, Colorado (1.17 MB PDF)
    — Vincent C. Kelley, pp. 154-162.
  15. Lithologic control of ore deposits in the southwestern San Juan Mountains (2.46 MB PDF)
    — Waldemere Bejnar, pp. 162-173.
  16. The Idarado Mine (1.59 MB PDF)
    — James R. Hillebrand, pp. 176-188.
  17. Mines and ore deposits from Red Mountain Pass to Ouray, Ouray County, Colorado (1.43 MB PDF)
    — J. R. Hillebrand and V. C. Kelley, pp. 188-199.
  18. Mineralogical notes on the Silverton quadrangle, Colorado (586 KB PDF)
    — Abraham Rosenweig, pp. 199-202.
  19. Geology of Ouray and environs (992 KB PDF)
    — Vincent C. Kelley, pp. 203-207.
  20. Coal resources of the Durango area, Colorado and New Mexico (731 KB PDF)
    — Philip T. Hayes and C. B. Read, pp. 207-211.
  21. Mines and ore deposits near Ouray, Colorado (791 KB PDF)
    — Vincent C. Kelley, pp. 217-221.
  22. History and folklore of the San Juan region (2.05 MB PDF)
    — Caswell Silver, pp. 222-234.
  23. The Silverton Hostelry, the Grand Imperial hotel (378 KB PDF)
    — Edna Frecker, pp. 234-235.
  24. Geologic road logs for routes in New Mexico
    — Frank E. Kottlowski, pp. 235-242.