Mineralization of the Hansonburg Mining District, Bingham, New Mexico
— John Rakovan and Frederick Partey


The Hansonburg Mining District, Socorro County, New Mexico is the largest of the hydrothermal Rio Grand Rift fluorite-barite-galena deposits that are found within and along the southern half of the rift. This paper reviews key aspects of the history, structure, geochemistry and mineralogy of the district that have been extensively studied for over half a century. Recent work has elucidated the trace element chemistry of fluorite, geochronology and stable isotope geochemistry, and the origin of fluorine and other key constituents in hypogene minerals of the of the district, as well as other related Rio Grande Rift - type deposits.

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  1. Rakovan, John; Partey, Frederick, 2009, Mineralization of the Hansonburg Mining District, Bingham, New Mexico, in: Geology of the Chupadera Mesa, Lueth, Virgil W.; Lucas, Spencer G.; Chamberlin, Richard M., New Mexico Geological Society, Guidebook, 60th Field Conference, pp. 387-398. https://doi.org/10.56577/FFC-60.387

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