Third-day Road Log: Lemitar Mountains and San Lorenzo Canyon
— Richard Chamberlin, Daniel J. Koning, and Andrew Jochems


Today’s half-day tour examines a highly extended terrane (3x) of the Rio Grande rift in the northern Lemitar Mountains followed by observations of unusually well-exposed Miocene Popotosa Formation (lower Santa Fe Group) and transverse rift structures at San Lorenzo Canyon.

Note: Full-text Fall Field Conference road logs for recent guidebooks are only available in print.

Recommended Citation:

  1. Chamberlin, Richard; Koning, Daniel J.; Jochems, Andrew, 2022, Third-day Road Log: Lemitar Mountains and San Lorenzo Canyon, in: New Mexico Geological Society, 72nd Fall Field Conference, Sept. 2022, Socorro, New Mexico, Koning, Daniel J.; Hobbs, Kevin J.; Phillips, Fred M.; Nelson, W. John; Cather, Steven M.; Jakle, Anne C.; Van Der Werff, Brittney, New Mexico Geological Society, Field Conference, pp. 122-142.

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