Common plants and plant associations of the Mogollon Slope
— Joseph C. Cepeda and Pamela S. Allison


The landscape of the Mogollon Slope of west-central New Mexico and east-central Arizona supports a diverse flora of herbaceous wildflowers, shrubs, vines and trees. With an elevation range of 5500 to more than 10,000 ft above sea level, the following vegetational zones are represented: Desert and Plains-Mesa Grasslands (5000 to 6000 ft), Pinyon-Juniper Savanna and Woodlands (6000 to 7000 ft), Pine-Oak Forest (6500 to 8000 ft), and Fir-Aspen Forest (above 8000 ft). In addition, Chihuahuan Desert Scrub is well represented in the vicinity of Socorro, New Mexico. Riparian and wetland habitats support a variety of phreatophytes.

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  1. Cepeda, Joseph C.; Allison, Pamela S., 1994, Common plants and plant associations of the Mogollon Slope, in: Mogollon Slope, west-central New Mexico, Chamberlin, Richard M.; Kues, Barry S.; Cather, Steven M.; Barker, James B.; McIntosh, William C., New Mexico Geological Society, Guidebook, 45th Field Conference, pp. 331-335.

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