Summary of environmental issues at El Molino Mill, north-central New Mexico
— Peggy S. Johnson and Judith L. Deeds


The El Molino mill, located northwest of the Village of Pecos, New Mexico, has been investigated as a potential hazardous waste site under the Comprehensive Environmental Response, Compensation and Liability Act, or CERCLA, since 1985. Under the CERCLA process, the New Mexico Environment Department has identified the mill site as an operable unit requiring a remedial investigation, a feasibility study, remedial design/ remedial action, and long-term operation and maintenance of a remediation plan. Three tailing impoundments constructed adjacent to El Molino mill in Alamitos Canyon are in close proximity to schools and residential areas in Pecos and pose potential risks to human health from contaminated soil and ground water. The tailing materials, characterized by low pH values and elevated concentrations of metals, may potentially affect nearby soils, surface water, air quality, and ground-water quality in domestic and municipal water supplies.

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  1. Johnson, Peggy S.; Deeds, Judith L., 1995, Summary of environmental issues at El Molino Mill, north-central New Mexico, in: Geology of the Santa Fe Region, Bauer, Paul W.; Kues, Barry S.; Dunbar, Nelia W.; Karlstrom, K. E.; Harrison, Bruce, New Mexico Geological Society, Guidebook, 46th Field Conference, pp. 319-322.

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