Some recent shallow Pictured Cliffs gas discoveries
— Jim L. Jacobs


Dugan Production Corporation, a Farmington, New Mexico, based independent, has discovered four shallow, small Pictured Cliffs gas pools in the past seven years. These, in order of their discovery dates, are the WAW Pictured Cliffs, Ojo Pictured Cliffs, NIPP Pictured Cliffs and Potwin Pictured Cliffs pools. This paper will discuss each of these pools in some detail. All of these pools are characterized by small areal extent, thin pay sections, low bottom-hole pressures, and consequently, low recoverable reserves. Only the shallow depth and the independents' adaptability to economical operations make these ventures attractive.

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  1. Jacobs, Jim L., 1977, Some recent shallow Pictured Cliffs gas discoveries, in: San Juan Basin III, Fassett, J. E.; James, H. L.; Hodgson, Helen E., New Mexico Geological Society, Guidebook, 28th Field Conference, pp. 247-249.

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