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Kelley, S. A., 2015, Geothermal potential of the Raton Basin, New Mexico, in: Geology of the Las Vegas Region, New Mexico Geological Society, Guidebook, 66th Field Conference, pp. 261-275.
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Data Description:

  • APPENDIX 1. Reiter et al. (1975) and Edwards et al. (1978) temperature-depth plots, interval geothermal gradient plots, rock unit information, and comparison to BHT data.
  • APPENDIX 2 Figure 1. Comparison of temperatures measured during a drill-stem test (DST) with measured and corrected bottom-hole temperatures. Black and green lines connect all data from the same well. Red and blue lines connect corrected BHT (solid line) and DST (dashed line) data measured at several depths in the same well. PD5=Phelps Dodge 5; WSranch = WS Ranch NM B1; Sed= Sedberry 2; FT=Filly’s Tooth T-4; SRA=Salman Ranch A1; SRB=Salman Ranch B1.
  • APPENDIX 3. Cement and bond data.


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