Letters of Reference for Scholarship Applications

Scholarship applications are due on the third Friday in February, which will be Friday, March 8, 2024 . Letters of reference are due one week after the application submission deadline. Thhe deadline for letters of reference is Friday, March 15, 2024.

A scholarship application must be complete and submitted (the student needs to click the 'Submit' button) before letters of reference can be accepted online. This will allow the letter writer to review the student's application.

If you have been asked to complete a letter of reference for a student applying for an NMGS scholarship, you should receive a web link specific to their application once it has been submitted. If you are an additional reference beyond the two required, please remind the student to provide this link. Alternatively, either ask the scholarship chair to email you the link to complete the process online or, if you prefer, you can just send a letter of recommendation, including the student's name and institution, directly to the scholarship chair:

Susan LucasKamat
Municipal Team Supervisor, Point Source Regulation Section
New Mexico Environment Department, Surface Water Quality Bureau
1190 S. St. Francis Dr.
P.O. Box 5469
Santa Fe, NM  87502
Phone: 505-946-8924
Email: susan.lucaskamat@state.nm.us

Recommendation Letter Requirements:

  1. At least one letter of reference must be from the student's advisor.
  2. At least one letter of reference must be from a current member of the New Mexico Geological Society.
  3. At least one letter of reference must be from someone who is neither the student's research advisor nor department chairperson.
  4. Letters should:
    • describe the student's ability to do the proposed research
    • comment on the significance of the proposed research
    • comment on the budget (is it reasonable?)