Rillenkarren formed in gypsum near an entrance to Parks Ranch cave


These small ridges and rills form on soluble rocks like gypsum and limestone from erosion by rainwater. They can be very sharp.

Image taken: 10/05/2023
by: Adam S. Read
© 2023

UTM Easting: 555961 m
UTM Northing: 3552852 m
  (Zone: 13S)

Longitude: -104.406831466
Latitude: 32.1106274498
  (WGS 84 or NAD 83)

Camera Details

Google Pixel 6a Pixel 6a back camera 4.38mm f/1.73 Exposure: 4.38 mm (35mm equiv: 27mm) f/1.7 1/3902 sec ISO 64.

Image posted: 10-10-2023